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With the launch of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, a new system of vanity pets and new mounts were added to the game. This site endeavors to help you find all the elusive trophies that you can show off to your fellow players!

Recently Added Minions & Mounts for Version 2.4

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Assassin Fry

Fat Cat

Heavy Hatchling


Mummy's Little Mummy

Nana Bear

Tight-beaked Parrot

Wind-Up Louisoix

Wind-up Nanamo

Wind-up Papalymo

Wind-up Ultros

Wind-up Urianger

Wind-up Y'shtola

Wind-up Yda

NameIconMethodHow to Obtain
Assassin FryAssassin FryUnknown
Fat CatFat CatUnknown
Heavy HatchlingHeavy HatchlingUnknown
Mummy's Little MummyMummy's Little MummyUnknown
Nana BearNana BearCraftingWeaver Recipe: Arachne Web Cashmere Cloth Apkallu Down x3 Twinthread Lightning Shard x99
Tight-beaked ParrotTight-beaked ParrotUnknown
Wind-Up LouisoixWind-Up LouisoixUnknown
Wind-up NanamoWind-up NanamoUnknown
Wind-up PapalymoWind-up PapalymoPurchasedPurchasable from the Mog Station. Can be tied to only one character.
Wind-up UltrosWind-up UltrosUnknown
Wind-up UriangerWind-up UriangerUnknown
Wind-up Y'shtolaWind-up Y'shtolaPurchasedPurchasable from the Mog Station. Can be tied to only one character.
Wind-up YdaWind-up YdaPurchasedPurchasable from the Mog Station. Can be tied to only one character.



NameIconMethodHow to Obtain
SleipnirSleipnirPurchasedPurchasable from the Mog Station. Can only be tied to all characters.

Recent Website & Minion News

Jun. 19, 2014:
New features!! Hunter Rankings! And see your rarest minion/mount on your profile!

May. 5, 2014:
New mini-feature. Random sample of up to 50 owners displayed on each minion/mount page.

Apr. 25, 2014:
A lot of under-the-hood work was done to improve site functionality and ease future development of new features. Minor layout changes were made, as well as sortable data tables were added.!

Mar. 31, 2014:
NEW FEATURE! Added ownership statistics page!

Mar. 27, 2014:
Confirmed several minions. Added icons for new minions/mounts.

Mar. 26, 2014:
Preliminary data for Patch 2.2 was added! Still waiting for official database update to obtain icons and determine how to obtain new minions and mounts.