Due to real life and other hobbies, FFXIV has fallen to the wayside for me. As such, while I haven't given up on the Menagerie, I just don't have the time to dedicate to it that I once did. You'll be pleased to know that Minion Guide https://minionguide.com/ has started picking up my slack, and I wholeheartedly endorse them as a worthy successor to this site.

SPONSORS: I love you guys will all my everything for your support. You will always be sponsors, and I don't intend to take this site down (and may return to it someday), but it may be a long time before I can find time to work on it proper. Your benefits won't go away, but in good conscience, I cannot continue to accept donations for a site I'm not actively working on. As such donations will be disabled for the foreseeable future.

Due to a recent Lodestone update on March 31, 2017, character syncing does not work. The API I used to do this is no longer supported in PHP and was moved to NodeJS. As I do not (currently) have experience in NodeJS, nor do I have support for it enabled on this server (Which costs $15/month), it may take sometime to correct this issue. I will work on it as best I can and ask for your patience.

Contribute to Minion Menagerie XIV!

Do you know something we don't? Got a screenshot of that one elusive minion? Then you can help!

Minion Menagerie XIV is a one-man shop and hunting down info can be tricky sometimes. If we're missing something and you've got it, we'd love to hear about it! If we use your info, we'll put in the wall of contributers below!

Also, since the site was tossed together VERY quickly, if you have an ideas or suggestion, we'd love to hear that too!

Send any info or website suggestions to:
submit_info@xiv-minions.com, or you can comment on an minions page, or in the comments below!


Due to real life and other hobbies supplanting both FFXIV and this site, in good conscience, I cannot continue to accept donations for this site. As such, I've disabled the link to send donations. SPONSORS, you will still continue to be Sponsors for now and for as long as this site remains. I thank you for your support, and should I ever get this up and running again, I would hope to have it again in the future. My sincerest thanks and apologies.

- Davis Murphy (Aqualin Riversong of Excalibur)
Founder/Developer of Minion Menagerie

Wall of Contributors & Sponsors

Aqualin Riversong «???»ExcaliburMinion Menagerie Owner
Ahriana Panipahr «???»BalmungSponsor
Altan Rapsied «???»RagnarokSponsor
Astaria Feraa «???»BalmungSponsor
Axxou Sloppybear «???»RagnarokSponsor
Aya Hamada «???»BalmungSponsor
Bobby Corwen «???»TonberrySponsor
Boss Tortuga «???»UltrosSponsor
Botan Kazami «???»BehemothSponsor
Briareos Donoho «???»ExodusSponsor
Calypso Vega «???»SargatanasSponsor
Choco Feru «???»RagnarokSponsor
Colino Nyea «???»SargatanasSponsor
Credit Card «???»BalmungSponsor
Dana Key «???»OdinSponsor
Dango Daikazoku «???»ShivaSponsor
Deryk Barlow «???»CoeurlSponsor
Donut Bunny «???»FaerieSponsor
Donut Duck «???»LichSponsor
Drake Heros «???»RagnarokSponsor
Eudo Maxi «???»HyperionSponsor
Falen Nadleeh «???»RagnarokSponsor
Feeya Sedai «???»SirenSponsor
Fuku Wakahisa «???»GilgameshSponsor
Gemma Ainsley «???»PhoenixSponsor
Guenni Hopeful «???»ShivaSponsor
Gwen Ashera «???»HyperionSponsor
Hanana Hana «???»UltrosSponsor
Illustrious Clyne «???»JenovaSponsor
Jacko Drago «???»MateusSponsor
Jeane Suikoden «???»BalmungSponsor
Jenni Meowmeow «???»GilgameshSponsor
John Legend «???»ShivaSponsor
Juliet Capulet «???»LichSponsor
Karandrass Nevermore «???»MoogleSponsor
Kat Aya «???»HyperionSponsor
Kuma Blind «???»ShivaThe First Sponsor!
Kushi Noykin «???»TonberrySponsor
Kyra Narese «???»HyperionSponsor
Lancealot Harvey «???»GilgameshSponsor
Lin Beifong «???»AdamantoiseSponsor
Lona Swiftstorm «???»BalmungSponsor
Lowe Guele «???»BalmungSponsor
Makoto Mage «???»ShivaSponsor
Maryann Reese «???»UltrosSponsor
Mimiko Miko «???»ShivaSponsor
Minnie Cay «???»GilgameshSponsor
Misaka Takayama «???»LamiaSponsor
Myrinea Jyotsna «???»FamfritSponsor
Natyusha Nynaj «???»ExodusSponsor
Niki Graus «???»ShivaSponsor
Nymphalis Antiopa «???»OdinSponsor
Oceana Sarfra «???»AdamantoiseSponsor
Onion Brave «???»BalmungSponsor
Orange Caramel «???»OdinSponsor
Oria Nova «???»AdamantoiseSponsor
Primm Darklyn «???»ShivaSponsor
Rage Maiketh «???»BehemothSponsor
Raido Wendolia «???»MoogleSponsor
Ranmura Lacroix «???»MidgardsormrSponsor
Ravi Corvenous «???»BehemothSponsor
Riiko Rinkoko «???»ExcaliburSponsor
Saeris Illyan «???»PhoenixSponsor
Saya Felinae' «???»GilgameshSponsor
Scathach Buanand «???»JenovaSponsor
Sceada Kazegami «???»CerberusSponsor
Scott Pilgrim «???»SargatanasSponsor
Shinryu Reishiki «???»UltrosSponsor
Snack Size «???»JenovaSponsor
Starbuk Thrace «???»HyperionSponsor
Swift Feather «???»CactuarSponsor
Tina Minami «???»TonberrySponsor
Verona Duskmaiden «???»FaerieSponsor
Yashka Bone «???»ExcaliburSponsor
Harpa Tacuta «???»HyperionBeta Tester
Myranda Al'cyoene «???»HyperionContent Contributor
Xelha Aran «???»HyperionImage Contributor

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