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Minions obtained by

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Assassin Fry


Atrophied Atomos


Clockwork Barrow


Gravel Golem


Iron Dwarf


Magic Broom


Model Magitek Bit


Model Vanguard


Nana Bear


Plush Cushion


Steam-powered Gobwalker G-VII


Wind-up Aldgoat


Wind-up Dullahan


Wind-up Ifrit


Wind-up Illuminatus


Wind-up Qiqirn

NameIconPatchHow to Obtain
Assassin Fryassassin_fry2.4Available by desynthesizing a Ninja Betta.
Atrophied Atomosatrophied_atomos3.0Crafted by a Lv. 60 Alchemist (★) with: Atomos Corpulence x3, Gelato Flesh x3, Dragon Blood x3, Growth Formula Theta x2, Glazenut, Dawnborne Aethersand, Water Shard x99
Clockwork Barrowclockwork_barrow3.0Crafted by a Lv. 60 Carpenter (★) with: Steel Mainspring, Steel Wheel Bearing, Birch Lumber x3, Glaze Nut, Dawnborne Aethersand, Wind Shard x99
Gravel Golemgravel_golem2.0Crafted by Goldsmith with: Wind Shard x99, Astral Rock x3.
Iron Dwarfiron_dwarf3.0Crafted by a Lv. 60 Armorer (★) with: Iron Giant Core x3, Iron Giant Scrap x3, Garlean Steel Joint x2, Glazenut, Dawnborne Aethersand, Ice Shard x99
Magic Broommagic_broom2.2Crafted by a Carpenter with: Glazenut, Broombush, Rosewood Branch, Ancient Lumber, 99 Wind Shard
Model Magitek Bitmodel_magitek_bit2.5Crafted by a Blacksmith with: Wootz Ingot, Garlean Steel Joint, Garlean Steel Plate, Garlean Fiber, Garlean Rubber, Glazenut, Fire Shard x99
Model Vanguardmodel_vanguard2.0Crafted by a Goldsmith with: Wind Shard x99, Garlean Steel Plate x1, Garlean Steel Joint x1
Nana Bearnana_bear2.4Crafted by a Weaver with: Arachne Web, Cashmere Cloth, Apkallu Down x3, Twinthread, Lightning Shard x99
Plush Cushionplush_cushion2.2Crafted by a Weaver with: Glazenut, Jute Yarn, Undyed Cotton Cloth, Cotton Boll, 99 Lightning Shards
Steam-powered Gobwalker G-VIIsteam_powered_gobwalker_g_vii3.01Crafted by a Lv. 60 Armorer (★) with: Gobwalker Shielding x3, Stuff Goblin, Garlean Steel Joint Plate x2, Glazenut, Dawnborne Aethersand, Ice Shard x99
Wind-up Aldgoatwind_up_aldgoat2.0Crafted by a Weaver with: Lightning Shard x99, Vanya Silk x1, Twinthread x1, Chocobo Feather x1.
Wind-up Dullahanwind_up_dullahan2.0Crafted by a Armorer with: Water Shard x99, Darksteel Nugget x3
Wind-up Ifritwind_up_ifrit3.1Crafted by Master Weaver III. Fire Shard (99), Blood Pepper, Chimerical Felt, Crawler Silk, Ifrit's Horn
Wind-up Illuminatuswind_up_illuminatus3.1Crafted by Master Weaver III. Lightning Shard (99), Blood Pepper, Chimerical Felt, Crawler Silk, Titanium Ingot
Wind-up Qiqirnwind_up_qiqirn2.0Crafted by a Weaver with: Lightning Shard x99, Vanya Silk x1, Twinthread x1, Chocobo Feather x1