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Minions obtained by

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Baby Opo-opo


Bite-sized Pudding


Demon Brick






Korpokkur Kid


Lesser Panda


Morbol Seedling


Mummy's Little Mummy


Naughty Nanka




Page 63


Puff of Darkness


Slime Puddle


Tight-beaked Parrot


Ugly Duckling




Wind-up Echidna


Wind-up Onion Knight


Wind-up Ultros

NameIconPatchHow to Obtain
Baby Opo-opobaby_opo_opo2.2Found in Final Boss Coffer in Brayflox's Longstop (Hard).
Bite-sized Puddingbite_sized_pudding2.0Found in Treasure Coffer #5 in the Wanderer's Palace.
Demon Brickdemon_brick2.0Found in Treasure Coffer #1 in Amdapor Keep.
Enkiduenkidu2.5Possible reward from completing Battle in the Big Keep trial.
Gaelikittengaelikitten3.0Found in Final Boss Coffer in Heavensward dungeon Sohm Al.
Korpokkur Kidkorpokkur_kid3.1Obtain in final coffer after defeating the boss of Saint Mocianne's Arboretum.
Lesser Pandalesser_panda3.0Found in Final Boss Coffer in Heavensward dungeon The Aery.
Morbol Seedlingmorbol_seedling2.0Found in Treasure Coffer #2 in the Aurum Vale dungeon.
Mummy's Little Mummymummys_little_mummy2.4Possible reward from Final Boss Coffer of The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard).
Naughty Nankanaughty_nanka2.3Found in Treasure Coffer #4 in Hullbreaker Isle.
Owletowlet3.0Found in Final Boss Coffer in Heavensward dungeon Fractal Continuum.
Page 63page_633.0Found in Final Boss Coffer in Heavensward dungeon The Great Gubal Library.
Puff of Darknesspuff_of_darkness2.5Found in Treasure Coffer 2 in after defeating Cloud of Darkness in World of Darkness.
Slime Puddleslime_puddle2.1Found in Treasure Coffer #2 in Copperbell Mines (Hard).
Tight-beaked Parrottight_beaked_parrot2.4Possible reward from Final Boss Coffer of Sastasha (Hard).
Ugly Ducklingugly_duckling3.0Found in Final Boss Coffer in Heavensward dungeon Neverreap.
Unicoltunicolt3.0Found in Final Boss Coffer in Heavensward dungeon The Vault.
Wind-up Echidnawind_up_echidna3.1Obtain in Treasure Coffer 2 after defeating the boss of The Void Ark.
Wind-up Onion Knightwind_up_onion_knight2.3Found in Treasure Coffer 2 in after defeating Xande in Syrcus Tower.
Wind-up Ultroswind_up_ultros2.4Possible reward from The Dragon's Neck trial.