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Minions obtained by

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Hoary the Snowman


Pumpkin Butler


Tender Lamb


Wind-up Brickman


wind-up Iceheart


Wind-up Shantotto


Wind-up Yugiri

NameIconPatchHow to Obtain
Hoary the Snowmanhoary_the_snowman2.45Purchasable from Mammet Dispensator 012P during Starlight Celebration (2014).
Pumpkin Butlerpumpkin_butler3.1Reward during the All Saint's Wake (2015) quest chain.
Tender Lambtender_lamb2.0Reward for completing all quests in the 2015 Heavensturn event.
Wind-up Brickmanwind_up_brickman2.1Reward for the Special Event ""There's Golems in Those Hills!"" From Tuesday, Jan. 21 - Mon. February 3, 2014.
wind-up Iceheartwind_up_iceheart3.05Available during the 2015 "The Rising" event.
Wind-up Shantottowind_up_shantotto2.1Reward for the Special Event ""That Old Black Magic."" From Tuesday, Jan. 21 - Mon. February 3, 2014.
Wind-up Yugiriwind_up_yugiri3.05Available during the 2015 "The Rising" event.