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Minions obtained by

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Fat Cat






Miniature Minecart


Minute Mindflayer


Tiny Tapir

NameIconPatchHow to Obtain
Fat Catfat_cat2.4Possible reward for Waterside Exploration XV fisher retainer venture.
Gestahlgestahl3.0Obtained via Fishing Exploration Venture XVIII. (Other ventures possible, but not confirmed).
Littlefootlittlefoot2.4Possible reward for Woodland Exploration XV botanist retainer venture.
Miniature Minecartminiature_minecart2.3Possible reward for Highlands Exploration XIV miner retainer venture.
Minute Mindflayerminute_mindflayer2.2Possible reward for Field Exploration XII retainer venture.
Tiny Tapirtiny_tapir2.3Possible reward for Field Exploration XIV retainer venture.