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Minion: Baby Behemoth

Disaster follows the man like a behemoth chasing a butterfly. - Chechezan

DescriptionWe can only hope his mother isn't looking for him.
LoreObtainable in Ul'dah's Sapphire Avenue Exchange for a fistful of coin and a smile, the pedigree of this baby beast is questionable at best. While displaying many behemoth-like features–a sleek violet hide, hungry eyes, and two polished horns–its squealing is not unlike a boar at slaughter.
How to ObtainPromotions: Obtained from purchasing and registering a Collector's Edition.
Special Notes:Bound to account. All your characters will receive this minion.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


138,688 minion hunters have this minion. That's 45.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Pixel Shader of SargatanasNyanta Nyanzaburo of DiabolosVael Keriun of BalmungClare Scarlet of AsuraAuron Maxwell of FaerieAsh Relan of LichMaster Smash of OdinSophia Storm of BehemothScarlet Rhel of BalmungVinzitore Death of ShivaJoanna Lightvision of OdinInari Onmyoji of MidgardsormrSina Scarlet of LeviathanNiji Kurayami of FaerieEli Ayase of ChocoboLink Moonsoul of SargatanasKozmo Kramer of BrynhildrMimiru Miru of CoeurlHugo Maxwell of MidgardsormrErer Sama of GilgameshReiche Cloudstriker of OdinShiner Cross of ExodusHippie Hiperson of LeviathanRunukingfutz Nunh of GilgameshTerytha Brightwind of ExodusAdela Redthorn of BalmungKiraka Wraithton of BehemothYolo Nolo of FaerieRemisot Fireseed of RagnarokSonata Arctica of GilgameshCetria Rhapsodos of FaerieArma Geddon of LamiaDavtiln Belgarath of ExcaliburAlicia Swift of BalmungDoom Lion of GilgameshLucia Aogami of BehemothDeaths Arrived of OdinArroz Gandules of SargatanasSolonge Sky of SirenBeulah Odin of HyperionDeath Proof of LeviathanJanie Bagels of GilgameshAilani Niamh of FaerieAjani Windseeker of BalmungLibie Serindale of FamfritAkira Kazama of DiabolosSelsi Stark of MoogleDe'nora Harleen of ExcaliburAfro Samurai of SargatanasRum Raisin of Alexander

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