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Minion: Baby Opo-opo

These beans are covered in opo-opo droppings! - MunTuy Cellarkeep

DescriptionThe only thing it loves more than you is a juicy sprite apple.
LoreA daring rescue from the clutches of the goblin hero Brayflox's minions is the only thing separating this opo-opo from a life of swinging free from tree to tree through the lush jungles of the Longstop...and forever trudging in the wake of the brave adventurer who “saved” him.
How to ObtainDungeons & Trials: Found in Final Boss Coffer in Brayflox's Longstop (Hard).
Interactions:Emote: /beckon will cause it to sit on your shoulder (or head, if Lalafell).
Patch Released:2.2: Through the Maelstrom


51,533 minion hunters have this minion. That's 16.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Eirlys Castillo of TonberryHjoerri Epithelantha of AegisOdelle Noira of UltrosArc Maverick of MoogleMer Ciel of RidillMame Sio of GarudaArant Aleite of SargatanasFilip Saga of GungnirAshley Weiss of ExcaliburMarie Jhade of CerberusKino Noko of TonberryAnni Mayter of LamiaCanara Stormtail of UltrosDiarmuid Aurik of SirenLil Boomstick of TonberryMih'li Alquist of ExcaliburYuri Aureus of GungnirJack Mercer of LeviathanMiyanista Lala of CarbuncleYoko Karukera of CerberusNaruto Uzumaki of AegisSatorrah Senkawa of ExcaliburYuki Kissshot of ValeforL'luana Bhel of BalmungChizumi Mooncleave of ExcaliburWiggle Mcwigglestien of ShivaTasha Tenebrae of PhoenixYue Annabelle of GarudaChun Hyang of ShivaThefylai Talutaah of JenovaRenamasaurus Rex of GilgameshNegi Toro of GarudaSetsu Haru of CerberusJunko Akiyumi of GilgameshJiraiyaa Madness of FaeriePokealot Little of BehemothRaina Laerwen of OdinRanen Xygart of TonberryStrawberry Daifuku of MandragoraNekolia Noxrosa of ZodiarkAydidi Qudi of ExcaliburDuce Rahl of LeviathanPlayax Tia of GilgameshFelicia Sitry of ChocoboSunako Kirishiki of PhoenixDr Yeol of RagnarokPoinf Artelinde of ZaleraP'ale Dotharl of AegisKurama Nogitsune of UltrosLuna Amell of Famfrit

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