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Minion: Beady Eye

Black scorpion to sharpen one's wit; ahriman membrane for the mind. - Severian

DescriptionThat feeling you get sometimes that you are being watched? More often than not it is him.
LoreOne of the most outlandish theories recently posed by scholars of the void is that ahrimans do not reproduce by typical sexual means, but rather by shedding tears which eventually grow into new creatures.
How to ObtainVeteran Rewards: Veteran Reward for subscribing for 90 cumulative days (3 months) of service.
Interactions:Emote: /poke will cause it to spin and then spread his wings.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


238,806 minion hunters have this minion. That's 78.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Legolas Elvesman of TonberrySorsha Lunari of MoogleShocka Khan of UltrosAletin Ves'ser of LichMani Mani of HyperionMaki Yazawa of TonberryShitei Aru of RagnarokEric Amagiri of AdamantoiseVocantum Daemonium of FaerieKassius Zhara of GilgameshNatsuki Kishima of ExodusTipar Moshantu of FamfritHaru Hoshino of TitanGeese Howard of GilgameshVash Thestampede of UltrosLinoa Heartillyff of OdinRinh Tia of ShivaJoan Krauser of DiabolosChachamaru Greentea of TonberryShino Hakobite of FaerieMiya Runa of DurandalSatida Kwa of RagnarokLhei Moshantu of OdinKana Jp of ZeromusVeltros Revendour of LeviathanMaria Traydor of BalmungRaia Eclipse of FamfritLeoni Mic of TonberryElros Tarminyatur of BrynhildrKirby Moran of CerberusBryton Saphire of PhoenixRagamuffin Agogo of CactuarMaero Zadorak of ZodiarkDoctor Pain of CactuarShocks Jian of GilgameshKittycat Ju of MalboroAvatre Drakone of CactuarDochas Dia of TonberryVictor Vonhumpton of UltrosFarseer Taldeer of OdinMorana Nyx of GilgameshRaimondaux Botanaix of ExcaliburMikan Jelly of BahamutMynerva Gildheart of CactuarAlice Rainy of CarbuncleHapa Muffin of CactuarJiro Aranesche of CarbuncleAozora Yuki of TonberryDoralina Ddd of TonberryKira Blackrune of Balmung

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