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Minion: Black Chocobo Chick

There is no finer feel than that of a chocobo between your legs. - L'dhakya

DescriptionRumors about her being able to fly are completely unfoundedů or are they?
LoreThis poor chocobo chick was as yellow as an ear of millioncorn before one day being doused in black ink by a random passerby bedecked in silver accessories. Try as the chokobokeeps might, none were able to remove the taint, and thus the realm's first black chocobo was born.
How to ObtainVeteran Rewards: Veteran Reward for subscribing for 60 cumulative days (2 months) of service.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


246,885 minion hunters have this minion. That's 81.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Vile Shadeslayer of FamfritDesurval Darkwalker of RagnarokSebastina Quinn of AdamantoiseAlaric Warren of FaerieTotomaru Senpai of GilgameshA'r Ciel of GarudaMelville Dooda of ExcaliburMeribelle Blake of AdamantoiseCupcake Panda of ExodusZelena Ludo of ZaleraMoriusu Van of YojimboCeline Kuune of BalmungDizeros Roh of HyperionLeonhardt Yukineko of IfritAnnie Kals'tre of UltrosKenji Endou of HadesMaegan Fae of FaerieVenzy Ven of PhoenixYukiinoyo Noykin of PhoenixSamantha Barraza of LamiaSolid Rizzle of BehemothTsai Bo of HyperionDaena Ashcroft of UltrosYuki Inu of IxionVenom Striker of JenovaRodgarr Ravage of OdinKreuz Leonhart of ChocoboWolf Zao of LeviathanBububa Buba of FaerieAkisuzu Mitaka of TonberryChorin Arashi of PhoenixAzumano Arcturus of AdamantoiseBuburaka Chacharaka of BrynhildrArcucid Kaleid of RagnarokEllavorn Montagor of FamfritDanny Izo of FaerieLei Ari of GilgameshC'lantaa Rahz of GilgameshCelsius Skye of ZodiarkRhel Calahko of LamiaCelestine Riaran of MidgardsormrLittle Cookie of HyperionLeciel Jeanne of AtomosLily Inoue of MidgardsormrSophora Luna of AegisOxy Moore of ShivaCranky Contest of UltimaSky Rin of FamfritOriane Silmontaix of BalmungTsurara Oikawa of Excalibur

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