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Minion: Black Coeurl

Look what the coeurl dragged in. - Momodi

DescriptionBeware, for if one should cross your path, you will experience seven years of...AWWWWWW.
LoreTo the untrained eye, this coeurl appears to be of an entirely new species, when in fact the only thing separating him from his mottled brethren is that his spots are so large, they overlap with one another, rendering him completely black.
How to ObtainGold Saucer: Available for turning in 20,000 MGP in the Manderville Gold Saucer
Patch Released:2.51: Before the Fall (2.51)


34,411 minion hunters have this minion. That's 11.3% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Arkieh Eshas of GilgameshLoki Laufeyson of MidgardsormrThomasoix Trantoul of FenrirNao Yan of HyperionDaxtar Cyrus of LamiaKaori Miharu of MalboroNakhu Dazkar of BalmungZhin Geisonan of FaerieCaro Lushe of ChocoboJunko Akiyumi of GilgameshLina' Inverse of JenovaNoriou Van of IxionAcacia Kaori of MoogleYondaime Namikaze of GilgameshMihli Aliapoh of SargatanasLily Are of GungnirMoonleg Starborn of PhoenixLittle Patches of LamiaDhivary Arkwright of GarudaLawrence Snow of TonberryHikaris Riz of ValeforDeusx Aerian of GilgameshRobin Fauder of BrynhildrConstantine Byzantion of IfritSindyl Tayuun of LeviathanLili Rool of MoogleM'tyaka Tia of HyperionYuffy Miya of IxionDan Nu of SargatanasUdon Eater of CarbuncleKoeda Androw of MasamuneMel Sievers of HyperionAthela Steele of MateusShalir Sano of KujataMokyo Ekei of ExcaliburMiles Maelstrom of GilgameshArianna Skyborn of UltrosRaizo Kaze of BehemothBrand Daravon of UltrosMiyabi Richter of FenrirAzran Hayat of ExcaliburB'alih Tia of DiabolosCeil Sunrails of ChocoboKirsch Torte of TitanKarmus Kirin of BrynhildrHaba Nero of RagnarokMisu Osero of BahamutAlucion Valeriant of MalboroG'kisumi Tia of ZeromusLeonis Ventra of Cerberus

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