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Minion: Blizzaria

Summer fever...

DescriptionSummon your Blizzaria minion. She's a Yo-kai with an immense chilling power.
LoreA Yo-kai with the power to make temperatures drop, Blizzaria can make snow fall in summer and freeze volcanoes.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


55,357 minion hunters have this minion. That's 18.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Koryuta Takafuma of FaerieThyul Valliere of CactuarViewing Catscene of GilgameshNikohu Hamu of BahamutNighter Sama of CerberusEulalie Wanzer of RagnarokSien Black of GungnirMeru Highwind of BehemothRa'xiaz Rix'ae of ExcaliburPti Soho of CerberusCeli Alicen of FamfritAumeric Solphage of ZaleraDyntrach Wyrmbryda of OdinCrystal Clo'vair of SargatanasDiz Mortis of ExcaliburEile Bouquet of MoogleTyyri Molkoh of AdamantoiseLeib Er'fond of AdamantoiseRaiden Hanette of CoeurlMagnus Brighton of FaerieRishu Rishu of BahamutJenosis Chaoz of BalmungIzumi Kamishiro of TitanNayru Feuer of LeviathanBajozero Menosuno of RagnarokVahdi Totlihn of GungnirAstraea Vinland of AlexanderTickle Mcpickle of PhoenixHook Linesinker of CactuarEmilia Tylor of RamuhRion Zakoss of BehemothAshrin Naphitali of CoeurlRozalin Rose of FaerieGorori Gallagher of UltimaJettz Nighttalon of GoblinGoob Gub of LeviathanMisa Ki of PhoenixSpaztic Sunshine of GilgameshFarai Guma of CerberusMocha Motea of TiamatMaisie Cantation of ExcaliburPhase' Xiv of GilgameshAzul Hanako of SargatanasOswenet Monrond of RagnarokArron Morden of PhoenixSharon Aetherton of SargatanasMumu Azzl of ZeromusNana Mil of MalboroMini Spray of BahamutRentho'ra Niet of Cerberus

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