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Minion: Blizzaria

Summer fever...

DescriptionSummon your Blizzaria minion. She's a Yo-kai with an immense chilling power.
LoreA Yo-kai with the power to make temperatures drop, Blizzaria can make snow fall in summer and freeze volcanoes.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


55,357 minion hunters have this minion. That's 18.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Nowa Nowa of AnimaLily Gemme of GungnirLucy Occienta of BalmungLyressa Ackerman of CerberusKai Mittens of TonberryNoey Squishy of LeviathanYucka Renge of ShinryuReven Arand of BahamutSaku Saku of MandragoraSena Artlight of BahamutMeowy Bento of ExcaliburHiryuu Maplered of DiabolosEsmond Rainer of OdinThiegaud Norbettaux of MandragoraTouji Ato of BehemothLynara Lamprouge of ExcaliburAiyanna Wolf of BalmungCharlotte Lavaglut of GarudaSelesnya Kaelseth of JenovaAsteria Odina of PhoenixSaren Derath of SirenLeona Lockhart of BalmungCyniie Stix of LeviathanElde Valtin of ZeromusJaytei Dazkar of UltrosArtra Jantellot of ShinryuAngelus Errare of TonberryClaire Fairlight of OdinJanna Aura of BehemothTrivarium Ori of RagnarokLxxii Mcvii of KujataAnimae Sanctae of OdinShiroyuki Saishi of CerberusLight Xusma of BehemothDraco Dragonknight of FamfritRauru Kagura of ExcaliburClaudio Reitmaier of DurandalBusty Sinclar of TonberryClarice Dragon of ZodiarkY'shenn Tia of BalmungDemonic Pagan of SargatanasJoseph Bellecross of CoeurlUn Maibou of ChocoboArdent Sentinel of CactuarMattychan Mirokun of MoogleSwallow Little of TyphonBladeofdeath Doctore of OdinAmber Gris of BahamutEbrietas Starchild of MidgardsormrDerez Flynn of Famfrit

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