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Minion: Brina

Adorable dolls! Terrible dolls! Yip-ho-ho! - Calcabrina

DescriptionCollectors warn that one who wishes to complete the set should be well-versed in the art of combat.
LoreTasked to defend the Antitower along with its counterpart Calca, Brina scurried off to the safety of a treasure coffer after meeting defeat at the hands of a party of formidable adventurers. Impressed that anyone could uncover its hiding place, Brina decided to make itself a gift to the lucky adventurer who found it.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.2: The Gears of Change


42,470 minion hunters have this minion. That's 14% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Definitely Acat of GilgameshFort Minor of MoogleN'uadha Tia of UltrosYuu Moshroca of BahamutLibrage Karastelle of CerberusKevv Two of GilgameshHaj Ime of AegisHelmes Lils of ChocoboUriel Sigma of RagnarokMalicia Amariyo of CerberusTsuki Anya of GoblinHeuhyn Dehnerius of BrynhildrIshamael Nae'blis of GoblinRinalca Metis of GungnirMini Heals of PhoenixKatarina Kazumi of OdinRhys Dincht of LeviathanSnug Bug of FamfritKiri Coldgaze of LeviathanDais Holt of IxionGyu New of AtomosRakka Takka of OdinMo Odak of TonberryChamp Czapla of BehemothShayami Snow of BalmungRed Maiden of LichKeira Nos of BehemothAlphonse Mayrose of OdinRitora Yuno of IxionAugus Fullbuster of GilgameshKyndros Skyreaver of CerberusKiya Bintu of HyperionDaenerys Fireborn of OdinUrsielle Aigoullette of GoblinRagnok Dronebolt of LamiaBananarama Joe of FaerieSesiara Blossom of CarbuncleJin Ryder of PhoenixGiorgio Armani of MandragoraThe Messiah of BalmungY'oh Lionclaw of UltrosShiina Allusia of MoogleSenti Nel of CerberusKelvyn Dragonwolf of ExcaliburCrystal Fissure of BrynhildrNorveng Salome of RagnarokMeiya Diphda of UltrosCaptain Tex of TonberryCm Peluche of FaerieFangorn Treesplitter of Diabolos

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