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Minion: Cherry Bomb

Brilliant bombs– breathtaking, beautiful, brilliant! - Ba Go

DescriptionA miniature recreation of a voidsent bomb, created via the thaumaturgical rendering of umbrally charged aetherial energy. Guaranteed never to self-destruct, or your gil back.
LoreTo maintain the white-hot temperatures within their cores, bombs will feed upon almost any combustible material, including wood, charcoal, ceruleum, fire crystals, even dragon peppers.
How to ObtainGil Purchase: Purchasable for 2,400 gil from vendors in all city states.
Special Notes:Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa Lower Docks. Maisenta in New Gridania. Roarich in Ul'dah - Steps of Nald.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


115,201 minion hunters have this minion. That's 37.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Fenseven Ithecih of GoblinSakura Mana of GungnirMayra Falkenauge of ShivaKelde Grim of BalmungAya Mero of ShinryuLaetans Luctus of GilgameshKara Zor'l of MoogleMiko Luna of AlexanderMomiji Shadow of BehemothAra Minami of MasamuneE'lara Steele of FaerieRag Onnet of FaerieFremea Re' of AegisSilver Mountain of GilgameshKhelby Trickster of GungnirTeresa Lowe of PhoenixOvid Caduceus of GilgameshAshton Nubicus of OdinDanny Devitto of LeviathanIssu Alloces of BalmungAm'yro Rynn of GoblinOnewing Angel of TonberrySummoner Yuna-himari of GoblinOscaros Dragonheart of FaeriePhoenix Rahl of MoogleRalys Aurus of BalmungNihilidices Artemesia of ExodusMako Mankanshoku of CactuarTreevis Ostentum of JenovaGoma Tara of FenrirValnur Hugdor of ShivaMana Hasana of BehemothDalo Mori of MoogleWasted Eternity of ExodusRelena Tadaharu of GilgameshKygaer Doomfist of CoeurlIyuko Shinji of RagnarokNana Astrum of BahamutAnnette Whitlow of FamfritJinn'era Barzahd of PhoenixPyrogir Sakura of BalmungPerci Puss of BalmungMashiro Sakata of DurandalLeilani Kingsarm of FaerieSavage Soarborn of FamfritMorriganna Mo of CerberusDuria Moonborn of ZodiarkZio Scythe of FamfritKenik Aubrey of ExcaliburDalo Cota of Hyperion

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