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Minion: Chocobo Chick Courier

Kweh! - Every Chocobo Ever

DescriptionIt may not be in your best interest to entrust him with any important missives just yet.
LoreSpiteful claims that this adorable black chocobo hatchling is, in fact, simply another plain yellow chocobo colored with pine tar in a feeble attempt to prey on prospective buyers have only fueled the natural-born flyer's passion to take to the skies.
How to ObtainPromotions: Obtained as a game pre-order bonus for Heavensward expansion.
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


127,655 minion hunters have this minion. That's 42% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Dante Platinum of ExcaliburSigurd Lodbrok of TonberryChabon Chura of RamuhDavid Rhal of JenovaExcidium Tenebrea of BalmungRan Wildfire of BrynhildrAnethia Nixxon of OdinLilieth Alighieri of ShivaRedbull Racing of GarudaTelesa Takano of BahamutBlack Ruby of MalboroHiyokko Pyonpyon of FenrirBinyo Divinum of TonberryFanill Falunill of BahamutElendil Ananari of CerberusMathew Anderson of MoogleKana Somnia of LichYuyuta Yuta of HyperionKo Hal of ChocoboAngelica Claussell of GarudaLeona Dawnstar of MalboroLuppi Zenahyde of FaerieSygless Whiterose of AtomosSally Skellington of ExcaliburLichit Fluegel of MandragoraMikku Manarith of OdinValentine Funny of BalmungChrissy Aoineko of CactuarDixie Flatline of CactuarWhiteyes Uzumaki of SargatanasKino Raine of UltrosAndew Ironforge of RagnarokWonder Bread of HyperionQuark Wipefever of RagnarokLapam Corat of GarudaJohn Whicker of MoogleCrab Cakes of LeviathanKilla Chu of CoeurlButz Ornitia of BahamutInori Arces of MoogleGabriel Blackthorne of HyperionDart Valince of AdamantoiseSki Master of GilgameshVizzini Black of UltrosGuiler Heirlyn of BalmungGwymbleidd Yrden of MoogleHard Core of LeviathanWinter Wildflower of GoblinPdx Ry of CactuarEphy Amuro of Leviathan

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