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Minion: Clockwork Twintania

Do a barrel roll! - A Slippy Scalekin

DescriptionAnother advanced Allagan creation. Is there anything the Allagans couldn't create? The Allagans are believed to have created an instrument to answer this very question.
LoreDespite being thousands of years old, this Allagan-crafted machina still runs as if it were activated yesterday. Tomestone analysis reveals that the automaton was created to celebrate the empire's subjugation of Meracydian territories across the Rhotano Sea.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Obtained as reward for completing the "Challenge Accepted" achievement by completing the first 24 Verminion challenges.
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


6,399 minion hunters have this minion. That's 2.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Minto Yukita of TonberryRei Nihil of RagnarokKira Exjeiah of BalmungArc Maverick of MoogleSilphion Shintiyo of LeviathanGrizzin Farl of MalboroAisa Asynjur of BalmungOlan Dyurai of MalboroSnake Zone of AdamantoiseAlice Sho of TonberryTsuqi Deluna of CerberusCeloa Ada of CerberusLoco Moco of BalmungCleon Lycus of ExodusBiri Dreisan of ChocoboAria Meloetta of LamiaSerjio General of OdinOshin Mura of TiamatPoem Pucci of ChocoboSephaistos Eum of CerberusZatarz Roc of ExcaliburDebs Gami of BehemothBernd Gilmore of OdinKupo Kup'bro of MidgardsormrTsuretsu Hakurai of HyperionShakeweight Champion of BrynhildrRyoka Chrysoberyl of AegisTess Thesecond of GoblinKeyaka Zayaka of UltrosFalka Estamir of CarbuncleSatsuki Kimura of GilgameshRoz Hellborn of ZaleraPolka Lullaby of PhoenixMegoru Henji of MoogleAraenia Aldebaran of CactuarKairu Mk of ChocoboManic Brilliance of DiabolosTanuki Nyctereutes of ShinryuKiwi Emerett of AdamantoiseImoix Gilbert of BahamutVeric Talosson of PhoenixRosalina Valkyrie of CactuarGaige Ellsworth of BalmungLeto Ruto of BahamutLiz Drake of BalmungKira Shiroi of RagnarokFoehn Kuroha of GungnirWesley Grimes of FamfritX'tara T'rana of BalmungAlphonse Valkan of Hyperion

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