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Minion: Coeurl Kitten

Coeurl got your tongue? - Wilred

DescriptionIt will still be several summers before his trademark whiskers grow out.
LoreCoeurls are extremely proud and defiant creatures, even when young. Faced with insurmountable odds, a coeurl will rarely shy away from a fight, choosing rather to perish in combat than run. This characteristic keeps coeurl numbers low, but ensures the strength of those who survive.
How to ObtainQuest Rewards: Reward from Side Quest ""Curiosity Killed the Coeurl."" Given by Skribyld in Western La Noscea at X:26, Y:26

Must complete pre-requisite quest ""Like Cats and Dogs.""
Interactions:Proximity: Will do battle with Wolf Pup.
Combat: Attempts to fight enemies you are fighting.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


199,777 minion hunters have this minion. That's 65.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

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