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Minion: Continental eye

The business of which I speak involves keeping an eye on that troublesome troupe of entertainers. - Godriquelain

DescriptionSummon your Continental eye minion. I see you. You see me.
LoreCursed with a weak vessel upon its arrival in the corporeal realm, this malformed and maladroit voidsent was summarily captured and put to work at the Continental Circus...until being sold for a handful of coin to a new owner? you.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.4: Soul Surrender


47,494 minion hunters have this minion. That's 15.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Mii Yorke of AsuraFlan Ker of ChocoboMaribelle Morunaude of FaerieEneddol Mentru of ShivaRo Falls of OdinGrasping Shadow of MalboroLucian Leroux of PhoenixReno Bleys of MalboroBe Day of IxionRandgris Volvagia of ShivaBizzy Bee of BalmungHezkezl Mewrilah of HyperionRikku Lightheart of CoeurlNaoki Kato of PhoenixEdshot Relhigh of TonberryLancelot Argentum of SargatanasValessia Darkholme of ExcaliburEveille Scharf of MandragoraPonzu Requiel of GilgameshHebrilith Martell of RagnarokCharla Voidwalker of CactuarEara Dorne of MidgardsormrVivi Mikoto of BehemothChiaki Aki of TonberryTil Moi of CarbuncleCinos Wright of BehemothMajestic Jiggle of HyperionLaura Ascension of FaerieCaspin Reign of SirenDemacian Justice of FaeriePink Maple of FenrirRuby Ana of ExcaliburYofa Beoulve of TonberryDanadiead Pejus of ExcaliburLionbart Hummlesnurr of MidgardsormrPalele Pale of LeviathanJeyne Greyfeather of LeviathanKorben Dallas of ZaleraSirius Schwarz of MalboroU'noir Tayuun of RagnarokImo Mint of YojimboKyapa Minka of FaerieRon Browz of IxionAros Cantrel of FamfritOzaro Targaryen of SirenAlciel Croix of RagnarokKnives Nunh of MidgardsormrOnryo Gozen of JenovaKiro Azelas of FaerieNyan Kitty of Mateus

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