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Minion: Demon Box

That Miqo'te lass said someone'd be bringin' me a gift what I couldn't refuse. - Drogo

DescriptionThere is no better way to tell a special someone "thank you for attending my Ceremony of Eternal Bonding" than by giving them a sentient box that may or may not devour their pets.
LoreLacking the spells required to animate a gift in the same manner in which the ancients animated bricks, the crafter of this quaint creation simply cut a pair of holes into a wooden box and slipped it on a spriggan. Problem solved.
How to ObtainMisc. Methods: Gift from attending an Eternal Bonding ceremony. (If the happy couple purchased a Ceremony that includes the Demon Box.)
Interactions:Emote: /poke will cause the moogle on the box to fly up and reveal the spriggan underneath.
Patch Released:2.45: Dreams of Ice (2.45)


97,676 minion hunters have this minion. That's 32.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Tey Zren of ShivaShion Mana of OdinRekko Lykko of BalmungSakura Yukimoto of BalmungMastiff Reignz of LamiaKyrian Blackburn of GilgameshSasa Pan of YojimboNasuma Savage of CoeurlRetoral Gatahar of ShivaAnz Chan of UltimaTil Violet of TiamatParasite Arokh'aerr of ShivaReina Lafontain of MalboroBeatrix Dietrich of CarbuncleKnives Stryfe of DiabolosDinard Stardust of RagnarokMea Vevina of ShivaAlice Corwell of AnimaShin Pu of BalmungTaleg Deg of MalboroDecil Palantine of CactuarSabreta Manchesterian of JenovaRenzyuki Zoldyck of CerberusMaka Damian of ChocoboOlune Vist of CactuarTarako Riceball of AlexanderSeraphim Mithil of BrynhildrKotaro Fox of GilgameshSchezara Leveah of DiabolosImmortal Smoke of CerberusSpell Speed of PandaemoniumLulu Rarafe of BalmungSir Spades of GilgameshShin Takotan of MandragoraAnri Cadeyrn of DiabolosArabella Hika of BehemothKing Kai of BehemothHana Ado of LeviathanDa Malf of CerberusDenny Jopp of GarudaHaman Karn of UltrosElhonna Sombrespoir of RagnarokMeilith Noventa of BalmungOlowain Falrach of PhoenixHeimart Rowntree of BalmungMakoto Bansho of ChocoboBelrok Eternal of BalmungAsurablu Degaia of RagnarokTrinity Reinhard of TyphonIra Lucian of Gilgamesh

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