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Minion: dress-up Alisaie

Is it just my imagination, or is Alisaie staring daggers at me? - Alphinaud

DescriptionSummon your dress-up Alisaie minion. Now 120% more discernable from the wind-up Alphinaud minion.
LoreAfter finding that she could simply not tell her wind-up Alisaie and Alphinaud automatons apart, Tataru went about modifying the former's garments, creating something both new and bold...all while keeping manufacturing costs at an absolute minimum!
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.4: Soul Surrender


18,811 minion hunters have this minion. That's 6.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Siren Voyce of CoeurlLotus Jelly of CoeurlLatis Farsight of UltrosPurpura Felis of GilgameshNuelia Vermillion of LeviathanClaire Moriarty of TiamatSakura Seiseki of RamuhRazla Vithrak of GoblinSonebell Paravel of OdinAlice Yhisa of PhoenixMirchar Mill of KujataHiroji Tenshou of UltrosRyond Brennenacht of ExcaliburTenori Crystalmoon of LamiaSelenta Keiou of LeviathanJerico Erico of UltimaJi Sook of ExcaliburViktor Krumb of ExcaliburCheshire Kat of SargatanasKanaris Fall of DurandalRhea Yune of ZodiarkJackyl Han of MidgardsormrYaya Fay of RagnarokTranquil Chaoz of BalmungMylan Veranhart of ExodusRhesh Lihzeh of CarbuncleLerond Bunansa of CerberusKou Dakwhil of MoogleSeiryu Yasushi of BalmungRaina Laerwen of OdinRikku Kissaragi of RagnarokMaki Maki of SargatanasStanley Tofu of UltrosSnake Zone of AdamantoiseDarean Solscribe of RagnarokLilian Cresento of BalmungAurelia Selvans of AdamantoiseHaine Eagle of ShinryuSeiji Kyoshiro of LamiaHayden Bleeding of LichRyuke Hwanjin of RagnarokLin Dazkar of RagnarokLusia Aliapoh of BahamutXoan Grahm of GilgameshMatcha Ice of ZeromusKuoki No'daibouken of TiamatBianca Tethras of GilgameshPersephone Angel of SirenKayo Dot of BalmungVincent Kalameet of Midgardsormr

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