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Minion: dress-up Alisaie

Is it just my imagination, or is Alisaie staring daggers at me? - Alphinaud

DescriptionSummon your dress-up Alisaie minion. Now 120% more discernable from the wind-up Alphinaud minion.
LoreAfter finding that she could simply not tell her wind-up Alisaie and Alphinaud automatons apart, Tataru went about modifying the former's garments, creating something both new and bold...all while keeping manufacturing costs at an absolute minimum!
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.4: Soul Surrender


18,811 minion hunters have this minion. That's 6.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Emyilita Ambrosia of OdinAlterion Rishka of MooglePhy Redd of OdinNicol N' of CarbuncleArletta Fornwreath of UltrosShiro Michi of MoogleApple Cake of UltimaSeven Phoenix of ZeromusKarza Gaiden of MoogleKiyo Ziyo of ExcaliburSatori Komeiji of CerberusXylitol Gum of BahamutTilo Tequilo of BahamutTrocos Saoi of CactuarStella Ryou of ShivaArya Svit'kona of CerberusRogich Anovenax of BehemothRiku Mi of CerberusSelena Nelhah of LeviathanVasanta Lockheart of OdinThomas Anzero of BalmungTakumi Saito of RagnarokHelena Ravenclaw of RagnarokAshram Jadeite of AegisRenny Cat of CerberusBando Calmin of AegisAscari Davivo of RagnarokCamella Harlan of BalmungAeowin Neptun of ShivaKyani Jawantal of SargatanasKei Satsu of TonberryRoentgen Gammaburst of SargatanasKana Doles of MandragoraMagnus Baraborn of MoogleMona Ceknoyu of JenovaJingle Berry of AnimaElina Anko of IfritMar Lanesse of GilgameshMimido Mido of SargatanasDiana Miau of BahamutVallari Vindr of MidgardsormrTravensky Lifeblood of CactuarEvil Emberlight of FamfritCannon Fodder of LamiaMiquppe Niedlich of GarudaSuzuka Safine of GarudaMikumiku Hatsune of TyphonFhil Bis of AlexanderMelina Tinuviel of ShivaCeles Theory of Balmung

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