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Minion: dress-up Thancred

I say, did you not see Thancred anywhere? I'm beginning to fear for the fellow... - Papalymo

DescriptionSummon your dress-up Thancred minion. Take a walk on Thancred's wild side...but with fewer nutkins.
LoreSeveral moons in the wild, removed from civilization and forced to adopt a more bestial means of survival transformed not only Thancred's body, but his mind. Due to the limitations of clockwork technology, this automaton only depicts those changes to the former.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.4: Soul Surrender


21,670 minion hunters have this minion. That's 7.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

She Akbar of ExcaliburIstari Xiomar of GilgameshHana Fujinokura of RidillAstin Veric of GilgameshBlood Iris of OdinKin Wyatt of GoblinTwizz Nigglz of UltrosDiva Divine of GilgameshHunter Belt of PhoenixBerry Mint of AegisTink Tinkerbell of TyphonYuuna Etoile of TyphonNicke Night of LeviathanMavureaux Mette of BalmungReffrena Reaver of HyperionFamous Grouse of CerberusHarry Pooter of TonberryDarla Moonblade of ExcaliburNirneth Khael of FaerieSerina Reon of LichDavy Tempest of SargatanasOz Glacius of CerberusTanpopo Kuraishi of MandragoraDanby Felgrind of UltimaLupinus Poche of TiamatBelayame Tinysize of MoogleKurumi Tsurugichi of MoogleRusia Grandy of GungnirKaneda Lyon of MoogleTabi Chaussettes of ShinryuDia Blanche of BahamutElyria Sturmbringer of OdinRago Loire of HadesSerenity Koga of GilgameshHu Dat of GilgameshPhileas Mog of ShivaMala Vale of UltrosHope Tia of ZodiarkElias Ainsworth of BalmungWasser Spiegel of MasamuneAvann Nitai of BalmungAireya Cloudseeker of GilgameshKloyd Hellrage of LamiaMitsuo Kubo of TonberryFinana Fina of BahamutMamew Annulus of UnicornKoromo Amae of PhoenixRaziel Grimm of FaerieNobutomo Akiyama of TiamatAugus Fullbuster of Gilgamesh

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