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Minion: dress-up Thancred

I say, did you not see Thancred anywhere? I'm beginning to fear for the fellow... - Papalymo

DescriptionSummon your dress-up Thancred minion. Take a walk on Thancred's wild side...but with fewer nutkins.
LoreSeveral moons in the wild, removed from civilization and forced to adopt a more bestial means of survival transformed not only Thancred's body, but his mind. Due to the limitations of clockwork technology, this automaton only depicts those changes to the former.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.4: Soul Surrender


21,670 minion hunters have this minion. That's 7.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Hcmeow Kitty of AegisLeo Phoenix of OdinDafina Era of FaerieMoke Mokeke of IfritRemilia Grants of BalmungCiara Seyer of CoeurlKai Suruga of UnicornNasu Elliverman of BahamutKayla Kuma of HyperionD'strukh Tiox of OdinNoel Wreathlit of MandragoraKinoko Mushroom of RidillLuke Ash of FenrirAmlodopine Basilate of KujataAeoden Zealforge of CactuarYuberblacknight Asura of HyperionRelexano Delmandi of BalmungJessica Emoghostmusik of FaerieKyo Tameshi of LamiaColbault Haillenarte of ZaleraNik Elz of AdamantoiseCatnip Leglacent of SargatanasShogun Ichi of SargatanasShinobu Oshino of ShivaGnawty Knights of TonberryMichiduh Zazzera of ShivaDalia Valar of UltrosCbr Longshot of CerberusElegant Sunflower of SargatanasRuby Diana of ChocoboSecern Y'mhitra of GoblinEvangeline Wind of GungnirAiko Amariyo of MateusTony Almeida of ShinryuArek Qor of RagnarokBel Dat of LichSaphyer Al'tayer of AdamantoiseTsubaki Mega of TonberryEnol Mondfuchs of TyphonNill Gryzon of ExcaliburWhite Aura of HyperionHutt Pooh of GungnirReaver Liem of BehemothRyuichi Kisaragi of SargatanasRireana Daisy of BahamutTetemeri Temeri of AtomosShadowx Magnus of BehemothAurum Lycan of ExodusSakura Darkstar of MalboroByrgin Moen of Tonberry

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