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Minion: Faustlet

It's only a massive mammet, after all. - Cid

DescriptionHe will shelter you from the sturms.
LoreThe Illuminati reportedly designed this minute automaton for the purpose of testing the effectiveness of their newest weapons. Perhaps being used as target practice has filled it with the need to lash out against imagined enemies.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.2: The Gears of Change


4,233 minion hunters have this minion. That's 1.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Maru Reco of BahamutLilituni Yoyotuni of TonberryLeo Griefseed of ChocoboGods Hand of GilgameshAlethia Sifu of SargatanasEspresso Oo of SargatanasUni Nui of FenrirMeno Eino of FenrirSerah Hyun of BehemothReny Ririn of CarbuncleArisha Crystal of ChocoboHaru Chan of CarbuncleIval Naya of ShinryuAbyss Watcher of JenovaShiro Yuzuriha of HadesKrietor Senpai of RagnarokAsura Stryker of BehemothVallyx K'harta of CerberusCurtana Almis of AlexanderYsirka Seren of RagnarokRimi Nilith of ShivaPizza Kleingarten of AegisMera Terralumina of GilgameshYaotomi Wistaria of DurandalMarie Rose of GarudaAero Mat of MidgardsormrMimi Leonhart of AlexanderBran Oswell of IfritMira Koh of GilgameshShira Heartslaught of SargatanasPrinz Eisenherz of ShivaBoshido Brown of HyperionNico Nabesa of LamiaAyatollah Khomeini of GilgameshShank Althyk of AegisRyon Licht of GungnirArthars Menethil of ChocoboU'tyada Tia of OdinShigechi Young of GarudaWakuwaku Tekateka of GungnirSandrendis Mot of BalmungHulft Laemare of RagnarokVon Klauson of UltrosElrond Inthesky of MandragoraFluffy Tail of UltrosLost Fiftoon of OdinKuro Siro of AtomosAela Huntress of PandaemoniumMariel Crystallie of TonberryMelody Memo of Gilgamesh

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