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Minion: Faustlet

It's only a massive mammet, after all. - Cid

DescriptionHe will shelter you from the sturms.
LoreThe Illuminati reportedly designed this minute automaton for the purpose of testing the effectiveness of their newest weapons. Perhaps being used as target practice has filled it with the need to lash out against imagined enemies.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.2: The Gears of Change


4,233 minion hunters have this minion. That's 1.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

The Goose of SargatanasRico Yamazaki of LeviathanMomo Rin of TonberryAyatollah Khomeini of GilgameshNina Strehl of AtomosYellow Tea of MandragoraDavid Anderson of FamfritPunyuru Punyu of ShinryuLuna Myh' of MateusShinzee Kun of LichLolo Spook of AlexanderMaru Only of ChocoboSophy Silvaras of MidgardsormrAlice Liddell of AsuraEcky Noxe of MoogleMel Brand of HyperionIro Hani of GarudaZashiki Warashi of TiamatLucidia Dreamweaver of TonberryAlfy Culotte of GarudaDalkia Elrick of AsuraLuke Crawford of ChocoboMichu Lucis of LamiaNagi Tukimiya of IxionRiddy Flora of CarbuncleSheltie Pat of AegisBanta Dakwhil of MandragoraBarbaros Hayredin of GungnirKuroco Dyne of BahamutAshley Ahtreide of FenrirBexxi Kay of ShivaYana Chibi of FenrirAsellus Ombre of ChocoboXianto Zazan of CoeurlCordero Katze of ShinryuFreak Folk of GilgameshRilke Quartz of AegisZam Pam of TiamatNiharu Tuanji of OdinSabo Honey of ChocoboCaska Fightfire of RagnarokUsapuki Pukkyna of ChocoboKesaran Pasaran of RagnarokRap Breon of TonberryDiego Medina of GilgameshTubukko Sasaki of IxionRid Liss of CarbuncleKyami Yarhu of HyperionAlma Forest of ValeforEmily Mallett of Tiamat

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