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Minion: Flame Hatchling

Chocobo dander can be a mite ripe. - Chocobokeep

DescriptionNot more than a fortnight out of the shell, but his blood already runs Immortal Flames black.
LoreRaised by a flame private from an egg found abandoned in the company stables he was charged with cleaning, this adorable fledgling is a symbol of new beginnings for the Immortal Flames.
How to ObtainGrand Company: Buy for 20,000 Flame Seals under the Officer Rank with The Immortal Flames.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


43,922 minion hunters have this minion. That's 14.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Keith Vyrlaria of TonberryBraedin Ta'veren of GilgameshGalleon Nessus of SargatanasAtoa Toa of TiamatSiege Rivenhart of ExodusMhaira Minty of RagnarokMimi Mii of MasamuneSiivukho Ejinn of BalmungKou Kuromiya of ShinryuKonpachi Taosenai of CoeurlEblan Shiro of MidgardsormrApachai Hoppachai of RagnarokBlack Dream of CoeurlNutella Oldtella of UltrosNeo Bahamut of ZodiarkCheyanne Akane of AegisLucky Chloe of LeviathanKoyuki Araragi of AegisChacha Cha of FenrirTygra Kahn of GilgameshDoctor Zoidberg of ZodiarkRicett Esperr of CerberusWyntir Nox of GilgameshSho Shinjo of BehemothOda' Nobunaga of RagnarokNura Rihyon of BalmungGilbard Shepard of IxionMikaza Nanami of PhoenixHaruko Katsuragi of ExodusLady Zevach of SargatanasCherry Red of IfritRonslaught Rorozan of DiabolosLaztiriaz Katz of LeviathanSaku Jisu of ShivaDeluxe Tsukuyomi of HyperionNimble Navigator of FamfritKazuma Gima of BehemothE'ilice Tarra of FenrirNehalem Tylersburg of GungnirSoushi Knuck of RamuhDeo Ry of CactuarNice Holystone of BahamutChilam Balam of ExcaliburRaziel Galizur of SargatanasLulu Giat of ShinryuHat Schii of LichBold Senpai of ExcaliburHaru Yukki of MandragoraRumi Puffs of GilgameshEliise Song of Excalibur

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