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Minion: Gigantpole

These toads are huge, which means they have huge guts. - Hamon

DescriptionYes, it can survive for hours on end without any water, and yes, it can fly. Your argument is invalid.
LoreOver countless generations, the gigantoads of Thanalan have adapted to the arid climes by taking on traits not seen in their cousins to the north, such as thick membranes to keep their skin hydrated out of water, and a set of extra fins which act as wings to propel them over land.
How to ObtainGathering: Fished up at Burning Wall by a Level 50 Fisher using a Top Water Frog lure at x31, y26.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


40,218 minion hunters have this minion. That's 13.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Ryugu Ruriko of GarudaGreen Hood of MateusRytx Dergunri of LeviathanBakkefar Olo of SargatanasLacen Dark of SargatanasGogo Gekkogahara of LeviathanMakusa Grynispyrsyn of PandaemoniumRiddick Woodrow of BehemothGreen Avocado of SargatanasRamothecus Vtull of BalmungAyu Shioyaki of TonberryPinaco Corollaceous of MandragoraSean Bishop of DurandalNeryu Faesya of MoogleEgarim Deceit of RagnarokSeseriku Viviriku of BalmungKitsumo Silverwolf of GilgameshMarichu Chuya of ShivaEmma Sheen of MidgardsormrEtharia Duskmantle of ShivaGolden Blade of LeviathanLouisia Silverfang of MoogleLeia Rolando of RidillCrow Clown of GarudaKuro Seikai of DiabolosImmortal Guy of MidgardsormrPrinzessin Belle of ZodiarkAnna Banana'chan of BalmungRia Leaf of UltimaErza Scarlett of BalmungCherry Red of IfritMeririm Lully of AtomosZeke Zen of BalmungTheremin Vox of JenovaSumtingwong Berrywong of TonberryMisart Jo of OdinSesuri Rabntah of FamfritSir Fortesqu of RagnarokFelix Grimoire of GilgameshSetuna Setu of DurandalTheobalin Dariustel of BehemothOrihime Boshi of IfritSlykko Xin of DiabolosLavender Rei of BalmungVizune Ylva of OdinSyrea Beorn of DiabolosThorne Omerta of AdamantoiseTraumesser Wolke of CactuarVirum Dawnchaser of GilgameshKeiko Fujiwara of Midgardsormr

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