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Minion: Gravel Golem

Gummice pollums? I fear I'm not familiar with them. - Yhom Epocan

DescriptionOnly you stand between it and a hard place.
LoreMage-controlled golems were in such wide use by the end of the Fifth Astral Era that entire battles were waged by armies comprised of nothing but the lifeless soulkin. This recreation, however, is nothing but a standard model #001 mammet outfitted with simple gravel plating.
How to ObtainCrafting: Crafted by Goldsmith with: Wind Shard x99, Astral Rock x3.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


67,528 minion hunters have this minion. That's 22.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Krym Anuhart of BehemothVaelin Dragonspear of ZaleraZalvax Ashweld of BehemothRin Tsukuyomi of OdinIki Maku of MalboroLily Basterbine of MandragoraArmin Armist of TitanSigmorn Hunt of OdinArelian Atiyeh of BalmungHeavensfury Dawn of CactuarPika Chiu of GilgameshNene Itrenore of ExcaliburMartin Saints of CactuarLord Darkseid of ExcaliburRirara Eins of ZeromusWood Sama of MoogleRayl Kalhend of GilgameshGummy Bear of UltrosMajiir Paktu of UltrosBig Badwolfy of CerberusD'karamor Vadmacska of GilgameshSkizzle Abernath of HyperionCotton Mouth of SargatanasAlice Nimune of PandaemoniumIrishboi Boi of LeviathanYoru Dyaus of AsuraF'raemha Xin of FaerieYseult Ifrit of SargatanasHege Men of AsuraRampage Munchkin of TonberryMiya May of CarbunclePeace Free of ValeforRyuuko Matoi of SirenBlueberry Scones of ExcaliburAqua Lumenlunae of RamuhZictera Fragglestick of RagnarokWarken Alnarg of UnicornAmaryllis Wolf of MasamuneKyoko Suomi of OdinKen-shin Himura of BrynhildrEvelet Welmestin of RidillChelsea Arcot of FamfritSheri Tricolor of MasamuneKaiten Payne of RagnarokZalera Lalaurie of UltrosSerim Maeve of BehemothLilium Bulbiferum of GarudaBiggs Markov of AdamantoiseKhloe Nightingale of SirenKhloe Salahadim of Cerberus

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