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Minion: Gravel Golem

Gummice pollums? I fear I'm not familiar with them. - Yhom Epocan

DescriptionOnly you stand between it and a hard place.
LoreMage-controlled golems were in such wide use by the end of the Fifth Astral Era that entire battles were waged by armies comprised of nothing but the lifeless soulkin. This recreation, however, is nothing but a standard model #001 mammet outfitted with simple gravel plating.
How to ObtainCrafting: Crafted by Goldsmith with: Wind Shard x99, Astral Rock x3.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


67,528 minion hunters have this minion. That's 22.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Komugi Pan of TonberryRacoosho Quetzalcoatl of ExcaliburYvonne Yu of DiabolosZombie Geezus of LeviathanReiji Fiore of ChocoboKalthea Windweaver of UltrosCalia Kalen of UltrosHuxston Liberalis of LeviathanW'asya Beluga of BahamutRiben Guizi of GungnirThe Nameless of LeviathanCarrot Mydia of MoogleProcyon Twin of CarbuncleBoofalu Tiddles of AdamantoiseEu Arcorosso of MoogleTalleron Otheseous of FamfritCeras Sahiel of RagnarokNao Melty of ChocoboSakura Hime of AdamantoiseSakura Cardcaptor of CerberusCach Gal of RagnarokChick Norris of RagnarokShadowkaster Viper of HyperionLuna Althena of BehemothMijrn Veria of LamiaPrincess Adora of DiabolosIzanagi Okami of HyperionScilla Kiara of DurandalRuri Valeth of BalmungSerjious Magios of ExodusZeraxis Nightsky of PhoenixNoreen Meekah of ExcaliburDavkas Crazyloops of GilgameshKabi Gon of LichJack Heartseed of OdinLoki Stinkpalm of SargatanasRienne Alessi of ExcaliburMorgan Yukimura of JenovaHajji Ishtar of FaerieJun Suga of ShinryuReally Cute of LamiaRaistlin Ratt of BehemothMirabelle Glover of ZeromusHannalea Soran of BalmungKatilda Sunshine of RagnarokMakoto Tama of YojimboLumi Isano of CerberusMidori Hayashi of MasamuneKrazytoon Bastok of MasamuneYanori Wildere of Cactuar

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