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Minion: Hecteye

I keep one eye open at all times, an' two more often than not. - Baderon

DescriptionSummon your hecteye minion. Got no Hyuran grace, you're an eye without a face.
LoreThis single optic detached from a larger mass of hecteyes finds itself in a constant state of restlessness, given the inability to simultaneously survey its surroundings in all directions. Until it grows more, your eyes will have to suffice.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


10,927 minion hunters have this minion. That's 3.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Kayla Fhey of ZodiarkZacharie Klebsiella of MalboroYuki Kazuho of MidgardsormrGuld Milla of ShinryuXervish Aulstyne of TonberryPawah Jaab of MalboroFalkyn Aldersyn of PhoenixJethro Toombs of BehemothCrayzz Diot of GilgameshShellac Trabant of TiamatMs Peekaboo of SirenElderin Zergoian of RagnarokGoto Ra of CoeurlCallen Mestrom of LamiaDio Vermillion of BalmungZalitai Dalamiq of BalmungKodai Kaosu of LeviathanGnetis Lynx of LichBruno Lear of GarudaKurohi Longheim of RagnarokErik Tamlin of ExodusDersai Hitsan of BalmungNesrec'a Jawantal of LeviathanSinalve Ba'gel of FaerieCiel Crowne of CactuarNaeri Frost of CactuarNightshade Alunasol of CoeurlYatah G'rane of BahamutAmu Muu of CarbuncleEl Buttys of LichTalatu Sohma of SargatanasElf Nigou of TonberryTiz Arrior of OdinW'olhmyn Lonhes of RagnarokJammer Sidewinder of LeviathanMen Kisi of IxionOro Fulke of ShinryuShadow Bc of CactuarLuche Allenford of TonberryNinja Tuna of TonberryCerise Amethyst of LeviathanLepazoid Leon of MalboroFetima Kitsune of HyperionAlejandra Portero of LeviathanL'shanya Vanih of RagnarokXeth Megiddo of GilgameshMeyuria Mizuhiki of BalmungShiromimi Mystela of ExcaliburColt Heavenly of CarbuncleAnko Maziora of Bahamut

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