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Minion: Hecteye

I keep one eye open at all times, an' two more often than not. - Baderon

DescriptionSummon your hecteye minion. Got no Hyuran grace, you're an eye without a face.
LoreThis single optic detached from a larger mass of hecteyes finds itself in a constant state of restlessness, given the inability to simultaneously survey its surroundings in all directions. Until it grows more, your eyes will have to suffice.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


10,927 minion hunters have this minion. That's 3.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Lyd Tia of LamiaPrince Pyree of HyperionFrederyk West of PhoenixRinoa Leonheart of DiabolosM'kana Tia of ZeromusAnwyn Inaba of RagnarokPontiff Sulyvahn of FaerieCid Mugen of ExcaliburLeon Angelhart of BehemothLahabrea Nabriales of UltrosSunny Capri of HyperionShiori Eikitaika of BalmungKeru Syu of MandragoraS'kalkaya Jinh of ShivaFreya Diamondmoon of HyperionMixed Powder of BahamutThe- O' of BahamutKirito Kurosaki of DiabolosBooty Pirate of ZaleraFenix Boden of FaerieLuca Palom of GilgameshXander Barabroda of GilgameshPanthera Thefool of CarbuncleSkyze Darkwill of JenovaAillith Odendaal of TonberryLollie Ondoreil of HyperionCinna Mon of FaerieAdamant Shield of GoblinMisty Ray of HyperionRuka Apfel of ExcaliburYinian Kelly of JenovaSelph Cho of MoogleRen O'quist of BalmungStella Novalis of BehemothNia Isana of LeviathanNight Redemption of TyphonYuphemia Whitefur of OdinMareillie Valeriant of TonberryHoujun Ri of GilgameshSpike Black of ExcaliburBaked Potatoes of HyperionSilvan Misty of ChocoboEternal Darkness of CerberusLantis Leinz of UltrosLya Shadowcat of MoogleRiain Shaikan of LeviathanJet Blacklotus of FamfritMilleus Vionnet of MasamuneEir Lightfall of LeviathanEvie Frost of Tiamat

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