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Minion: Hoary the Snowman

On your feet, Hoary! - Coultenet

DescriptionHoary the Snowman was a jolly happy soul, without a pipe, and without a nose, and two eyes made out of something other than coal. Probably slag.
LoreWhile no one knows the exact origins of Hoary the Snowman and the legends surrounding this animated mass of ice and snow, the gifting of dolls created in his likeness to good girls and boys is not uncommon during the Starlight Celebration.
How to ObtainSeasonal & Special Events: Purchasable from Mammet Dispensator 012P during Starlight Celebration (2014).
Patch Released:2.45: Dreams of Ice (2.45)


51,242 minion hunters have this minion. That's 16.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Zonu Juikes of HadesJoshua Flores of LeviathanOllie Oxenfrey of RagnarokKeladry Kingo of BalmungFarule Chelewae of GungnirHoro Wise of CerberusLysander Mal'dranith of BehemothAkzidenz Grotesk of RamuhSoup Verr of IfritPhoenix Knight of AlexanderDokiki Doki of GilgameshKarou Frozenstar of BalmungIsmael Mercado of ExcaliburLucia Tristram of BrynhildrPoinf Artelinde of ZaleraVirginia Maxwell of BahamutBoo Yao of FamfritAries Shion of TonberrySilvia Rarmas of ChocoboAsh Snow of PhoenixMirai Nikki of LamiaSr Mike of MoogleBeatrice Brownie of PandaemoniumNessarose Moonchild of DiabolosHoppe Munyu of DurandalMirin Cravels of GarudaChamomile Tea of MandragoraDragor Hulea of CerberusOrion Stark of BehemothKuesuto Misutikku of GoblinMaximillion Tobbles of FaerieEion Solvin of GoblinZaruru Lights of MandragoraViridiana Stern of BehemothRin Inu of JenovaButter Bear of DiabolosCoffee Float of RamuhAncerl Martell of ExcaliburKapelle Vesperia of AdamantoiseRika Nightshadow of OdinReiko Kushieda of OdinSrentia Ayers of SirenKaze Azure of LeviathanRezule Molkot of JenovaEl Guapo of FaerieYuka Peron of RamuhYae Oogami of GilgameshRyuke Hwanjin of RagnarokYard Rod of TyphonSapphic Meow of Odin

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