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Minion: Hunting Hawk

Our companions gliding proudly through the skies will be as they always have and always will be. - Josseloux

DescriptionShe loves you more than life itself. She's had to.
LoreAfter losing his master, this raptor expertly trained in the art of falconry wandered the skies in search of purpose, finally arriving in the Diadem where it has since awaited the arrival of one worthy to lead him once more into the field to pursue new quarry.
How to ObtainMisc. Methods: Found from chests in the Diadem.
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


10,488 minion hunters have this minion. That's 3.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Hooah Moat of BahamutMikh'to Lihzehn of CerberusXion Shadow of JenovaBiggs Lightdarker of OdinNorilis Zione of CactuarRil Falka of UnicornDel Dugrega of UltrosBlack Sword of TonberryNo Nanaki of ChocoboOerba Titania of SargatanasThachao Firtia of IxionPeche Fp of AtomosCoolto Roideloup of DurandalRaven Deathseeker of GoblinHope Fahl of FaerieC'fayhd Thaz of LichOtome Banchou of BahamutLulunar Malqir of GarudaZephyr Heartwind of RagnarokCoeleste Beldeve of GilgameshNunak Clive of RagnarokVi M' of TonberryAlrek Swiftblade of BalmungMar Uno of ShinryuEco Leonhart of BahamutCatson Bridgerdeen of CactuarSagittarius Sylaria of ZaleraHelix Ice of BalmungNill Huu of AsuraKonche Willor of AegisKiku Aum of BalmungKoo She of IfritKappa Kappa of ZaleraFull-moon Jester of JenovaMamew Annulus of UnicornKouya Sakiji of IxionHaniwa Soul of FenrirPink Panty of TyphonLixo Phanight of LeviathanTon'k Pils of IxionAnistasia Markov of BehemothX'antin Tia of GilgameshChopi Totto of MandragoraBash Becker of ExodusAara Alwynn of UltrosChessa Lumarei of FamfritChica Schmerz of DurandalLeo Felidae of OdinVer Haad of ExodusD'shtola Natsukaze of Faerie

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