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Minion: Hunting Hawk

Our companions gliding proudly through the skies will be as they always have and always will be. - Josseloux

DescriptionShe loves you more than life itself. She's had to.
LoreAfter losing his master, this raptor expertly trained in the art of falconry wandered the skies in search of purpose, finally arriving in the Diadem where it has since awaited the arrival of one worthy to lead him once more into the field to pursue new quarry.
How to ObtainMisc. Methods: Found from chests in the Diadem.
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


10,488 minion hunters have this minion. That's 3.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Nero Leono of UltrosPoyoko Princess of AlexanderKiwi Iskadda of FamfritZen Snowflame of BalmungMarth Lowell of HyperionPlebsicle Wang of RagnarokEva Vasir of LeviathanElia Williams of RagnarokCece Volfield of SargatanasSairou Hiromi of LeviathanRina Ishida of FamfritNao Elbacky of MasamuneRule Breaker of LamiaTea Light of FaerieCrim Vicious of LamiaGiorno Giovanna of BalmungAxel Higryu of SargatanasPhoebe Asteria of GilgameshK'aty Perry of ShivaCpt Knottz of MidgardsormrRurufi Rurufe of BahamutHappy Peace of ShinryuAvril Senoj of AdamantoiseRizeria Flowlet of FenrirMu Mei of PhoenixRavio Waldstein of UnicornIan Moone of BalmungMiayoko Takanashi of FaerieMaple Camellia of RidillFenris Wolfsheart of GilgameshL'yuta Tia of BalmungSharon Ryas of AegisAmour Jin of DiabolosAmethyst Soul of AdamantoiseFe Kageki of GarudaYuuko Hakyurii of FenrirAtena Star of RamuhHorus Kanat of UltimaMossan Planet of DurandalReffrena Reaver of HyperionAlucard Drakul of HyperionAo Hige of ZeromusKit Ragnarok of DiabolosPeyton Monceaux of JenovaRiceboy Sada of GilgameshLenneth Morgan of RagnarokL'eyuon Falh of TyphonCeles Theory of BalmungKilahra Fae of FaerieBell Hawk of Chocobo

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