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Minion: Iron Dwarf

But if ye've got iron in yer veins...speak up. - Randwulf

DescriptionSummon your iron dwarf minion (though he prefers the term “little iron person”).
LoreWhat was reported as a “chance discovery” by your mammet voyager, has actually turned out to be a pet project of the automaton to kill the time while piloting the long journeys to the lonely north.
How to ObtainCrafting: Crafted by a Lv. 60 Armorer (★) with: Iron Giant Core x3, Iron Giant Scrap x3, Garlean Steel Joint x2, Glazenut, Dawnborne Aethersand, Ice Shard x99
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


7,516 minion hunters have this minion. That's 2.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Brosuke Fudo of CoeurlDylan Pama of RidillLiokora Wipefever of RagnarokGel Le of ChocoboXylia Vallen of SargatanasHsing Yi of MidgardsormrIsh Wick of ExodusYuki Yasu of ChocoboOrpheus Gio of CarbuncleLucia Maxwell of AnimaSaphie Phyre of LamiaYutaka Capriccioso of ZeromusKuro Koge of UltimaKattoh Tranquillitas of CarbuncleBlitz Fury of CoeurlGjallarhorn Aznable of AdamantoiseLyude Mila of BahamutEnzo Erebus of UltrosAlisa Zafina of CarbuncleAlukah Bast of DiabolosVynala Fhey of ExcaliburSagume Aki of AtomosKirjava Wolfkin of CactuarBrizzyne Windsong of ExodusSaint Melancholy of OdinCecile Cosima of MoogleSefi Lockwind of LeviathanHoajao Delfina of CarbuncleKaito Rising of PandaemoniumKumahige Ezo of TitanYuki Whitelight of ShivaLisa Maria of MoogleMyumyun Lurun of DurandalGlen Arkwright of CarbuncleCalyss Algares of SirenMacki De'black of RagnarokTroy Heizer of JenovaVee Vixenly of BalmungMil'a Whitehart of ShivaChikazu Becrux of ChocoboRirin Irias of MandragoraErnest Whorl of LamiaFlat Veeth of AegisJimmy Floyd of GarudaIgnasse Poisson of FamfritBarristan Selmy of BalmungMonyu Monyu of UltimaTsubaki Mega of TonberrySweet Bee of ExcaliburAkito Ryu of Ragnarok

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