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Minion: Komajiro

Oh my swirls!

DescriptionSummon your Komajiro minion. He might as well tag along on your adventures as he searches for his older brother.
LoreKomajiro is Komasan's younger twin. He looks for his runaway brother, but he can't find him anywhere.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


52,068 minion hunters have this minion. That's 17.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Sahar Hazan of ChocoboAshley Bliss of CerberusKitty Eruption of HyperionKae'dens Alexandros of LeviathanCross Strife of LamiaZeal Ette of ExcaliburDormin Explosivo of BalmungGoblin Punch of UltrosEnol Mondfuchs of TyphonZen Material of BahamutDracco Bahamut of BehemothKlaus Volfield of SargatanasPork Bun of UltrosOdowla Wetae of GilgameshNyanko Teacher of TiamatLexshue Plakia of CoeurlKallian Xavalien of TonberryNoria Sinntani of BahamutPersie Pearl of AegisAlmist Mistaltin of TitanApoll Seleno of PhoenixSaddina Lumas of HyperionOctober Lionsfury of DiabolosMashipun Punyama of UnicornZapher Cork of AsuraTuna Mayo of ChocoboRin Klein of ValeforAtyamo Pocket of PandaemoniumErik Brown of RamuhYuri Alpha of BehemothOmi Sidious of GoblinQoo Kitty of TonberryFata Morgana of BalmungXavier Bennet of TonberryKoko Kernel of AnimaRahfael Favinco of BalmungFe'la Aybara of OdinAdio Tomenaki of AdamantoiseCrazy Diamond of MidgardsormrAnadavri Tsara of LamiaLafiel Basroil of FamfritAvotas Felious of FamfritElias Taurion of TonberrySenana Sena of BehemothAzusa Kokaku of IxionAsano Solaris of CactuarThomas Valentine of AsuraSeven Phoenix of ZeromusA'ron Cass of FaerieFoxy Candy of Cactuar

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