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Minion: Komajiro

Oh my swirls!

DescriptionSummon your Komajiro minion. He might as well tag along on your adventures as he searches for his older brother.
LoreKomajiro is Komasan's younger twin. He looks for his runaway brother, but he can't find him anywhere.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


52,068 minion hunters have this minion. That's 17.1% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Bel Dat of LichDallas Z'yoshitsune of BehemothChiro Lin of ShinryuButter Fingers of RagnarokKitsune Fuka of BahamutRumiru Miru of ZeromusTyson Neiro of BalmungGeralt Bad'ri of CerberusZea Cuu of RamuhAoino Iroga of TyphonYuuki Summers of PhoenixElle Rose of HyperionLamb Rouse of MandragoraMal O'mars of MateusHomura Akemia of LeviathanKotubu Monmon of DurandalSaneska Reyya of AdamantoiseSnickerz Bar of LeviathanLight Darkheart of BehemothCheese Doodle of CoeurlHiki Mitsu of MoogleEvander Advent of BrynhildrKhell Arkoth of GilgameshEanona Nona of TonberryLast Order of CoeurlHunny Bunny of BalmungJeriojj Dhawkins of AdamantoiseSaori Hayami of BahamutSaori Kobayashi of ExcaliburKotsubu Ichigo of RidillGenkurou Yorozu of ShinryuSera Falon of IxionEstelle Mercer of HyperionEzalea Leonhart of TonberryKuruminha Chan of BehemothDraknar Stormer of FaerieEclair Valkyrie of MasamuneSerena Moon of GoblinMental Patient of FaerieVon Foo of IfritTal Hawke of LamiaGeremy Mma of DiabolosRownin Leah of HyperionSlavin Cluff of BalmungMai Vaughn of PhoenixCrimson Silver of OdinAya Taka of CarbuncleKekona Pippip of UltrosAlexandra Arkwright of TonberryZiten Enix of Shiva

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