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Minion: Komasan

Oh my swirls!

DescriptionSummon your Komasan minion. He got bored with guarding his shrine. Now he wants to guard you.
LoreKomasan is a lion-dog that came from a rural area. He often expresses awe when traveling in the city.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


56,206 minion hunters have this minion. That's 18.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Rupopo Rupo of AsuraChisana Taiga of SargatanasLeonidas Phoenix of HyperionYuki Aimasu of ShivaTheron Vendeir of SirenShepard Commander of LamiaYama Shi of ZaleraJoey Butler of UltrosStrawberry Cheesecake of CerberusVanilla Cake of CerberusMatcha Latte of AegisCoco Cocopuff of CactuarCentury Killer of HyperionKaburi Mono of GungnirMoge Moge of UltimaBlacksun Moonfist of AdamantoiseHesh Nix of LeviathanFhey Lan'se of MalboroTiara Rose of IxionJerrica Quinto of HyperionMizori Kraft of CerberusSoarfrost Skyseer of FamfritHamfast Astaldo of ExcaliburElyenora Blackthorne of SirenTree Tree of CactuarLunares Xionime of BehemothChio Itakura of ShinryuMayoyama Nakata of BehemothPiro Manium of ValeforWilliam Truthseeker of BalmungSidhe Langner of AtomosGorilian Fidelity of MidgardsormrAsuna Asada of GilgameshCastel Vale of FaerieVoulg Zangief of TitanY'rukhi Tia of FamfritKazoo Lotusflower of CarbuncleBella Darkax of FaerieAllison Ancardia of LeviathanAbanamat Mudryi of CerberusSui Moonyu of TonberryChasing Death of LamiaCandy White of LamiaAstrelle Deresnels of LeviathanAnon Dumb of AlexanderPersephone Aura of ExcaliburAoba Seragaki of ZodiarkSenpai Meow of LeviathanHuggy Beaaar of ShivaIshan Brassard of Fenrir

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