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Minion: Komasan

Oh my swirls!

DescriptionSummon your Komasan minion. He got bored with guarding his shrine. Now he wants to guard you.
LoreKomasan is a lion-dog that came from a rural area. He often expresses awe when traveling in the city.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


56,206 minion hunters have this minion. That's 18.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Medea Asteria of RagnarokYuuri Ishtar of GungnirKarma Bozkurt of CerberusEnki Noxorcus of OdinAyami Amatsu of JenovaYoruko Shirasaki of ExodusSon Gohan of AsuraTirnel Calithildor of SargatanasGadreel Ironstorm of LeviathanTheodore Roosevelt of CactuarYuzo Aura of MasamuneMomoe Shiro of BehemothSora Horisu of RagnarokKaysher Einzbern of MoogleExcidium Tenebrea of BalmungCao Cao of JenovaKyah Black of ZodiarkFann Wong of AdamantoiseHenrik Rolfensen of MoogleAlaric Justicar of TonberryMinerva Grace of LamiaKiyara Mazuta of TonberryMerkless Mordeeb of OdinNorva Fenix of GarudaChihiro Akatsuki of MasamuneRukia Katsuki of LeviathanSerah Fynn of TonberryValhalla Prime of MateusUna Olympia of BalmungBeri White of OdinColette Belrose of BalmungKris Akalabeth of TiamatScheat Rone of TyphonKremlin Dusk of MoogleJasmin Reed of MoogleE'latoria Ebonleaf of ExcaliburLaila Luella of ShinryuNurupo Wasabisagi of TonberryYume Himemiya of RagnarokDaine Athelas of FaerieCupcake Ninja of BalmungTessa Testarossa of ValeforArourie Fenrir of HyperionRilz Dupont of CactuarVendicta Xanedia of TonberryAyana Soldaria of MidgardsormrHaru Ym of BahamutMont Lee of SirenAncalelyn Genaha of FaerieClouse Hanashima of Ultros

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