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Minion: Kyubi

How ridiculous.

DescriptionSummon your Kyubi minion. He's actually quite charming once you get to know him.
LoreThis fox Yo-kai is one of the strongest Yo-kai around. He can easily erupt with power, like a volcano.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


54,403 minion hunters have this minion. That's 17.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Ihzuna Yuki of ExcaliburItigo Miruku of AnimaAurora Aura of ExodusFelice Gatto of TiamatSeshiria Lihzeh of ValeforKeogh Noctis of OdinRei Eltrei of CerberusKairi Yozora of OdinKals Nokman of ShinryuRai'sa Mononoke of LeviathanDenkyreyha Akiyama of BalmungMakarov Talon of CactuarPittiri Puttiri of ShinryuGilbert Vanitas of ShinryuAriel Leo of ChocoboBaramoht Klynhollsyn of UltrosRarasha Rasha of BalmungLissi Bell of ExcaliburElza R'ndel of LichUru Sai of LamiaPebbels Mcdool of MoogleBraya Cross of OdinGummy Bear of UltrosSee Ker of ExcaliburCritical Danny of HyperionKarume Yaki of AlexanderDarius Black of PhoenixLight Xlll of ExodusKale Vala of UltrosZaran Akikaze of ExcaliburDark Riku of HyperionBella Invicta of LamiaGarruk Wild of FamfritEdon Pryde of SargatanasMola Mola of DurandalCecile Nicot of CarbuncleMusica Parfait of MandragoraCallo Merlose of ChocoboNeko Neko' of GilgameshJing Silverfang of BehemothAikaal Leyma of ExcaliburDemetirus Iludan of GoblinWeather Reportz of BahamutLyss Boo of TonberryZolmitriptan Zorander of CactuarNurse Joy of SargatanasSkoll Jarnvior of FenrirAyumu Aikawa of ExodusArcavius Wolfe of BehemothRubia Highwind of Malboro

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