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Minion: Kyubi

How ridiculous.

DescriptionSummon your Kyubi minion. He's actually quite charming once you get to know him.
LoreThis fox Yo-kai is one of the strongest Yo-kai around. He can easily erupt with power, like a volcano.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


54,403 minion hunters have this minion. That's 17.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Noriko Berry of CarbuncleMll Slam of MasamuneGau Argi of MoogleLyllithia Windborn of FaerieSailor Goon of ExcaliburSalise Silarius of FaerieShena Glazed of GungnirValenice Daventry of FaerieMizore Kosui of CerberusEevee Vaporeon of SargatanasErie Milk of ExodusKorrin Val'danis of BalmungDiablo Godslayer of ExodusAutolycus Furare of BalmungAlone Wolf of LichLarkino Miller of CerberusEiji Maji of CerberusQuelama Acala of RamuhAlditha Arryls of AdamantoiseRyu Sevenstars of YojimboShiro Iffytune of DiabolosStraven Anuri of BalmungGlaivien Burrell of BehemothUlli Ona of HyperionL'aizyra Mitnu of MoogleKeira Dorne of SirenAoibhinn Mhacha of BalmungFyria Silberwind of LichLlen Coram of SargatanasBrightheart Raccoon of BrynhildrAnnihilator Absolute of ShinryuSoze Vendetta of HadesTarutaru Recordkeeper of BrynhildrAvery Simon of AlexanderHichoro Mochoro of KujataGlykeria Kasim of SirenSeata Felmata of ZeromusTix Levil of OdinLuthian Storm of OdinSora Tohsaka of UltrosBaby Star of UltrosLecsys Crepusculum of UltimaCotton Needle of IxionKirin Vonstrauss of LamiaLake Vidal of AtomosFarah Vega of FamfritTrue Spirit of JenovaXythana Vierra of LamiaThe Unshielding of CactuarSeb Roronoa of Odin

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