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Minion: Lesser Panda

Stand up straight, maggot! - Berkoeya

DescriptionLesser only in size to normal pandas. And in life expectancy. And intelligence. And fluffiness. Well, perhaps not fluffiness.
LoreThere are several theories as to how a beastkin native to the mist-covered peaks of southeastern Ilsabard ended up thousands of leagues away from its home...and most involve an unhealthy infatuation with the furry creature by a certain Imperial Legatus.
How to ObtainDungeons & Trials: Found in Final Boss Coffer in Heavensward dungeon The Aery.
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


56,010 minion hunters have this minion. That's 18.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Awayuki Daisho of SargatanasGatiana Amari of DiabolosElspetta Dy'grunus of BalmungTogashi Yuuta of MoogleTsukige Malqir of BalmungOctan Skylord of AdamantoiseVi Vi of ShivaKateles Kittenheart of LeviathanKaiju Tnk of TiamatTsumaru Toire of CarbuncleRokk Adamantine of MalboroZucca Corcovado of CarbuncleXanthe Anaea of JenovaCorona Lunis of UltrosAsagi Ruri of MandragoraKalina Skysong of LeviathanSerafel Starweaver of ExcaliburRuka Suirenji of LichTerry Valentine of BrynhildrAlpina Breitling of IxionWarish Nadaevil of BalmungRiazo Drakain of AdamantoiseSiegfried Arondight of RagnarokNeko Monokuro of UnicornSnow Rarefield of MandragoraThermi Doll of IfritNurupo Foooo of ChocoboAlaia Kirei of BalmungRizzard Shadowghist of MateusR'ahye Silkaya of GilgameshMarie Melaine of CerberusNos Sur of ShinryuDesti Nova of LeviathanAmino Peach of MasamuneAlvin Clemence of GungnirMistress M'hira of BehemothRayne Nacht of BehemothRaza Ghuul of GilgameshPwrgamerx Stormbringer of HyperionAqua Menthol of RidillAvaleine Himaa of BalmungSoluna Tears of ChocoboUri Yuic of AegisLean Garnet of MandragoraJotaro Kujo of AdamantoisePrincess Rosilee of GilgameshSirona Ashbringer of ZodiarkCarrot Rhuli of DiabolosMelon Jiru of CarbuncleCamiie Clairemont of Ultros

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