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Minion: Magic Bucket

Throw back a guppy today, and reel in ten fish tomorrow. - N'nmulika

DescriptionA fisherman's best friend. He sloshes instead of slobbers.
LoreThis curiosity is said to have once belonged to an angler who wanted a bottomless pail that would shadow him hither and yon. Upon releasing a live Nepto Dragon into the markets, he had a change of heart and tossed the bucket back brinewards, never looking back.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.3: Revenge of the Horde


7,695 minion hunters have this minion. That's 2.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Prince Renzo of BalmungShiba'a Kureido of TonberryKiva Baez of LamiaShah Rostum of SargatanasKenta Ruloa of CactuarAspara Green of BahamutFoxy King of CactuarMizrat Umic of ChocoboMerlin Imladris of BehemothZari Suu of ValeforS'akra Evy of MandragoraSola Ship of BeliasYoki Mikan of BahamutUrca Sweetfish of ShinryuCayenne Garamonde of AtomosNalia Danger of LamiaKyoukara Fromtoday of IfritTomomo Totora of PhoenixRayko Bardjack of LeviathanSpace Blues of LeviathanMossa Mosa of CarbuncleMesope Kelubias of MoogleElista Antec of IxionBen Hashirama of MoogleShanaelle Deruet of FaerieSharon Stone of RagnarokLilina Lina of ShivaTamago Wareta of GungnirOkkque Qoo of CarbuncleNunnally Rose of AlexanderLord Laguna of MoogleTama Isono of AtomosRhiell Harper of LeviathanNepilu Ra of UltimaGorou Maru of ChocoboRandmaizer Tilias of RamuhWya'to Zvarri of LichYasu Handeloup of AtomosHoschi Hoschson of LeviathanSpica Siren of UnicornAnk Rouge of ChocoboLucius Eventide of CactuarYasu Pekoe of BahamutWyred Masashi of RamuhYouyou Otwo of ShinryuChaox Godeater of FamfritMayoyama Nakata of BehemothHibiki Kusanagi of BalmungLilith Heart of HadesMonpechi Clover of Unicorn

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