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Minion: Mammet #003L

Feelings! Maybe she just doesn't feel like part of the team!? - Wedge

DescriptionA fully operational clockwork puppet built for the Maelstrom.
LoreDesigned to be a standard-bearer in Maelstrom company parades, these hand-crafted automatons were soon decommissioned due to the fact that their small stature ensured that no one could see the flags they carried.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Complete Hunting Log for The Maelstrom.
Special Notes:Speak to Jonathas at Apkallu Falls in Old Gridania to receive reward.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


46,599 minion hunters have this minion. That's 15.3% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Rhiannon Amazakurai of BehemothGrim Talon of BalmungArla Tanzen of LeviathanHaru Luca of AegisAltlia Eiloth of MandragoraBiubiu Biu of GilgameshBotsan Ramuh of HyperionKirsch Kuchen of ZodiarkChaen Dian of RagnarokMalrixx D'harzi of BehemothAbe Froman of GilgameshKaworu Nagisa of BehemothFizz Rind of BahamutMiyu Magnolia of ChocoboLars Alexandersson of MidgardsormrUmbra Amara of ExodusRozeluxe Rock'n'roll of RamuhUnico Kiryuu of AnimaAzeyma Luxendarc of LichXiang Ting of LichYuma Dragonwing of CerberusSophie Rouge of BrynhildrRay Satie of ShinryuKashini Aldaton of HyperionKurineko Nicolas of ShinryuKojika Tayajika of TonberrySage Jr of FamfritKyo Moglight of AdamantoiseBlair Crosszeria of MateusAthena Kane of ExcaliburKikiya Kiya of FamfritRorona Shannon of ChocoboKumei Tia of GilgameshKikoku Hellfire of GilgameshHallebarde Bravoure of TiamatSlayde Lestat of CerberusIvy Quinn of RagnarokAmosho Shintaro of CerberusZ'asha Tia of FaerieLilly Hail of SargatanasMeep Moop of SargatanasJohyr Hinoumi of ZodiarkRai'jin Mjolnir of ShivaElya Kissaki of GilgameshShai Huludd of ExcaliburNina Altea of GilgameshSerph Allegro of FaerieFairy Bullet of ChocoboKurumii Tokisakii of ShivaR'e Vi' of Bahamut

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