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Minion: Mammet #003L

Feelings! Maybe she just doesn't feel like part of the team!? - Wedge

DescriptionA fully operational clockwork puppet built for the Maelstrom.
LoreDesigned to be a standard-bearer in Maelstrom company parades, these hand-crafted automatons were soon decommissioned due to the fact that their small stature ensured that no one could see the flags they carried.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Complete Hunting Log for The Maelstrom.
Special Notes:Speak to Jonathas at Apkallu Falls in Old Gridania to receive reward.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


46,599 minion hunters have this minion. That's 15.3% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Mellian Elros of MoogleDravina Anivard of ZaleraBaha Mutee of BehemothLink Hylian of LeviathanTia Esperanza of MasamuneNagi Iza of ShinryuElana Numbia of RagnarokNilil Nil of BalmungLilias Brandt of BalmungArk Aharu of JenovaSercile Adunad of HyperionRydia Mysts of CoeurlHerja Svafnir of OdinAlitanna Rhiki of GoblinLea Sidhe of BalmungSkal Romaji of ShivaSoko Splat of HyperionKushiel Montreve of CactuarUmbra Amara of ExodusD' Arc of GarudaFransen Behr of PhoenixYuriko Kae of LeviathanGen Kotsu of RamuhXeth Megiddo of GilgameshCalista Amelia of PhoenixLego Highwind of HyperionKaty Butewhip of TitanYousif Waleed of LichFix Nimblynoggin of MidgardsormrErynnaith Dahkil of LeviathanMaahes Decimator of AdamantoiseElly Vanhouten of TonberryAzrael Angel of MasamuneCareless Whiskers of GilgameshChico Mor of MandragoraKenzaki Aelhar of ZaleraJosh Rivera of SargatanasGavrillo Gamduhla of HyperionIrisa Telphis of BalmungGenji Orion of MalboroCalla Boo of DiabolosPixlh Blackbolt of PhoenixNizumi Komimi of BalmungKikaru Dyson of ExcaliburArken Ro of TonberryMarquise Mindfang of PhoenixBolv Locnar of ExcaliburSakura Princess of DurandalHimawari Yorozuya of BahamutIblis Aetherrend of Cactuar

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