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Minion: Midgardsormr

Midgardsormr was a king amongst kings who reigned for centuries on end... - Minfilia

DescriptionNot the big one. The little one.
LoreFather of Dragons, Keeper of the Lake, Bane of the XIVth Legion–while it is difficult to believe the yalm-long pup could be any of these things, he assures you his current form is only temporary while he awaits the reconstruction of a new corporeal vessel.
How to ObtainQuest Rewards: Reward during Main Scenario quest "The Rising Chorus" and completing the "Keeper of the Lake."
Special Notes:Comes complete with Main Scenario spoilers! Sorry about that.
Patch Released:2.5: Before the Fall


186,921 minion hunters have this minion. That's 61.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

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