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Minion: Minute Mindflayer

It has a grisly penchant for sucking out the brains of men. - Frandelont Raimdelle

DescriptionThis mindflayer young delights folk with its cuteness even as it fills them with an inexplicable sense of dread.
LoreSimilar to voidsent dullahan, mindflayers also lack a corporeal form and must possess a host to be able to exert force on our realm. Whereas the dullahan, however, are limited to the possession of inorganic objects such as steel, mindflayers tend to prefer the dead as their vessels.
How to ObtainRetainer Ventures: Possible reward for Field Exploration XII retainer venture.
Patch Released:2.2: Through the Maelstrom


67,497 minion hunters have this minion. That's 22.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Bibimib Migi of KujataWater Front of GarudaSerenity Luministia of HyperionLucifer Venus of AegisKisuke Izanami of OdinWheee Wii of BalmungJonathan Joestar of MasamuneCandy Tea of SargatanasLinus Rainstorm of BahamutLink Vakarian of ExodusOvelia Astkaasa of GungnirRyuso Ken of CactuarGretsch Burgundy of BahamutFone Cord of LeviathanKell Mire of RagnarokDov Yna of MoogleRazla Mau of ShivaTristan Vanguard of CoeurlChankei Anderson of ZeromusKamishiro Fuji of RamuhDunban Fyuria of GilgameshJury Galamayo of AdamantoiseTea L'euphorie of SargatanasNurgalad Brodo of OdinShisana Takashi of DiabolosVehn Ayers of MalboroXelxe Attis of MidgardsormrAldebaron Phoenix of HyperionCarley Koneko of ZodiarkEila Barkhorn of RamuhEmik Serui of LeviathanMarie Yamato of ShinryuPlatina The'trinity of TyphonChiel Ciel of AtomosDaul Ban of UltrosEinheri Sigurd of MalboroDacien Vainchelon of GungnirZeytr Zio of MoogleTooru Takahashi of TonberryAegis Nivel of AlexanderFall En of LamiaThe Harlot of CerberusAutymn Aeronwyn of MateusIwagod Eva of RidillBloodrocuter Hackins of TonberryChrom Highwind of UltrosMighty Mouse of FamfritAlberta Gui of MidgardsormrReisen Kurogane of ShinryuLilsie Posie of Bahamut

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