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Minion: Model Enterprise

Enterprise, engage! - Alphinaud

DescriptionSummon your model Enterprise minion. Designed to boldly go where you have gone before.
LoreThe original Enterprise was designed and built while Garlond family prodigy Cid was still working as a military engineer for the Garlean Empire. The aft crane–intended for the loading of imperial weaponry–was added to the airship in the days before Cid's defection.
How to ObtainPromotions: Redeemable code included with Art of Eorzea artbook.
Special Notes:Codes redeemable until Dec. 31, 2016.
Patch Released:2.38: Defenders of Eorzea (2.38)


8,985 minion hunters have this minion. That's 3% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Hansni Lau of AnimaKhivva Morningstar of TonberryDragon Phoenix of ShinryuEoria Ansul of HyperionAhi Ru of RamuhNanashi Mugen of CerberusAlucate Rautous of UltimaVelane Bloodthorn of LeviathanSosen Ookami of RagnarokCofemix Zulin of TonberryKilrathi Ftw of MidgardsormrEspy Shinrai of MoogleZeno Ira of RagnarokShinnie Helyanwe of CerberusBity Fenrir of FaerieLann Arthak of FaerieLenalee Curtiss of MasamuneTsukimi Navy of MasamuneG'azih Sah of BalmungLairelei Antairis of UltrosTomoka Crows of ShinryuCo Haku of FenrirKiyashima Amano of GilgameshMinerva Violetta of SirenRaijinken Aileron of UltrosMericle Chamlotte of GilgameshWindexx Windurstaru of SargatanasMikumi Aelia of RagnarokMedhredhel Nidh of CerberusPururu Puru of MidgardsormrOfton Fuwafuwa of ShinryuNoin Lihzeh of ChocoboMogami Moga of ZeromusTemaryne Keyron of DurandalAerath Ineya of MidgardsormrRemilia Sama of TonberryKailee Ivicus of BalmungCarnelian Peridot of CactuarNova Ultimatum of MoogleFog Kiric of FenrirNull Zix of YojimboEropiro Basch of DiabolosSocialized Healthcare of MalboroPerotty Quu of UltrosSho Ryuuken of ExcaliburLarten Caelum of BalmungArias Eventide of CactuarLafiel A'briel of MasamuneRay Rin of MandragoraNovra Sunshadow of Balmung

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