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Minion: Model Magitek Bit

The Empire owes its might to magitek. - Yda

DescriptionAn exact 1:9 scale replica of a ceruleum-powered magitek bit (Ultima Weapon action figure not included).
LoreThis miracle of modern mechanics is actually a miracle of ancient Allagan mechanics reverse-engineered and then modified with advanced Garlean magitek technology.
How to ObtainCrafting: Crafted by a Blacksmith with: Wootz Ingot, Garlean Steel Joint, Garlean Steel Plate, Garlean Fiber, Garlean Rubber, Glazenut, Fire Shard x99
Patch Released:2.5: Before the Fall


17,297 minion hunters have this minion. That's 5.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Culex Vanda of FaerieTanuki Udon of AegisDmg Atton of SargatanasMad Hybrid of DiabolosSetsuna Hime of FamfritRinh Maimhov of FaerieDante Rockwell of BrynhildrBaked Goods of BalmungVannes Munters of ZodiarkValidus Ostornsyn of AdamantoiseMelira Thralwyn of SirenAngels Shelter of CoeurlFizz Liz of FamfritCrystal Krad of PhoenixPahri Bahl of BalmungJuicy Fruit of RagnarokFioras Windchaser of MoogleUni Lingus of RagnarokSterling Dawn of DiabolosSpesh Koroshiya of SargatanasEvil Kitten of CerberusSpeed Demon of ExodusLyriel Strongclaw of RagnarokSig Stan of AlexanderCrystal Rivers of SargatanasTifareth Darkcaller of CactuarThanatos Grimm of ExcaliburDuuude Bismarck of HyperionMasyu Msy of ChocoboCanti Regem of FamfritKilsche Jaeger of ChocoboVivi Firestorm of MidgardsormrPiia Sukakhusi of GilgameshAl Mamari of RagnarokNepu Nepu of GilgameshKohun Arcesso of AdamantoiseRuah Verlet of RidillToto Shfiarry of TiamatCrystal Lake of BehemothMaryo Vancat of UltimaDiadu Nowaru of PhoenixXelha Aran of HyperionShino Uesegi of TonberryLeene Frefre of RagnarokKuroneko Yamato of UltimaAdvoco Yamixaya of CactuarZyd'e Alexandros'xiv of TonberryRofl Copter of BehemothPopoko Tani of BalmungDeathseekr Angeloid of Excalibur

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