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Minion: Morbol Seedling

Did a morbol just empty its innards? I feel ill... - Imperial Soldier

DescriptionFor the nonce, his breath is the worst of your problems.
LoreIt is in fashion amongst wealthy Ul'dahn merchants and nobles to bring morbol seedlings to banquets, so that the upper crust might inhale the seedkin's “boot-like” bad breath to induce vomiting, allowing them to engorge themselves for the duration of the gatherings.
How to ObtainDungeons & Trials: Found in Treasure Coffer #2 in the Aurum Vale dungeon.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


141,216 minion hunters have this minion. That's 46.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Te Zorela of ExodusMaster Spudic of CactuarJoundi Bisaine of BalmungAtlas Ultima of ExcaliburWooper Man of SargatanasBryan Le of BrynhildrMaren Wilfwyn of HyperionSieglen Damvir of LeviathanCloake Seraphin of LamiaPalaxius Fallwind of MalboroBlade Angolis of BrynhildrIphel Nunh of RagnarokDamien Luvalle of FaerieWindalyn Rosa of SargatanasSentoki Avagnar of BalmungDevi Cthaeh of MoogleSolty Nyan of PhoenixCien Altasia of LeviathanLucia Tristram of BrynhildrHilly Cubbear of AegisJane Farstrider of MasamuneChika Yuki of JenovaHeidrien Khatayin of MateusAazrin Vidarr of FaerieLicht Feanor of BahamutChiffon Niva of BalmungMappy Arc of RidillGemini Man of MalboroBluejustice Odinite of AdamantoiseNikolas Orlandeau of BalmungAviva Siren of ExodusDansen Aventus of FaerieZadora Matsuki of TonberryPow Pow of BalmungRain Borea of RagnarokBriza Nashezbaermon of HyperionForbidden Verde of UnicornChewi Caudron of LeviathanCeleste Rose of LeviathanArc Dragon of BalmungPheonix Mumba of OdinVelna Samsara of ExcaliburLaney Darkwind of LamiaSette Stars of ChocoboCato Varus of TonberryBattosai Himura of CerberusKagura Windscythe of AdamantoiseCyram Atruin of HyperionNanashi Apprentisce of UltimaMoha Deadly of Odin

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