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Minion: Morbol Seedling

Did a morbol just empty its innards? I feel ill... - Imperial Soldier

DescriptionFor the nonce, his breath is the worst of your problems.
LoreIt is in fashion amongst wealthy Ul'dahn merchants and nobles to bring morbol seedlings to banquets, so that the upper crust might inhale the seedkin's “boot-like” bad breath to induce vomiting, allowing them to engorge themselves for the duration of the gatherings.
How to ObtainDungeons & Trials: Found in Treasure Coffer #2 in the Aurum Vale dungeon.
Patch Released:2.0: A Realm Reborn


141,216 minion hunters have this minion. That's 46.4% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Zhayl Azoth of OdinTee Bao of FamfritKeira Vixen of FaerieBertie Bunkston of MalboroThaddeus Thorne of BehemothStaris Fate of UltrosDefias Traicere of SargatanasSumi Crescent of LichTargar Eos of SargatanasGhost Mustafa of MidgardsormrFerthi Akaiito of BehemothNehri Cortoo of ShivaEscaped Retainer of GilgameshSer Brander of BalmungCeline Unger of PhoenixAluru Eyre of BahamutMini Ghost of HyperionSerinne Khilo of BehemothIsaac Tachibana of BalmungMira Thomas of AdamantoiseOliver Palmer of SargatanasSpec Taru of AdamantoiseKallio Valkurm of SirenSmelly Fungus of PhoenixMizz Tama of MasamuneNyght Rayven of BalmungSolara Msanni of OdinEkaitz Schellz of ZaleraChel Naava of LeviathanGlacial Orca of BalmungAvelina Moonstair of MidgardsormrBlue Stone of AegisZora Battista of LeviathanHakumei Rinsho of ExcaliburSkyed Glory of SargatanasAyano Asakura of UnicornHirosue Suzy of ExcaliburNcka Bb of BrynhildrQuinta Grimfyre of ZodiarkMaverick Hunter of UltrosShuka Benitsubaki of CerberusGavin Laville of BehemothAquilo Hiroko of OdinSaphira Klebsiella of MalboroNeko Pinkerton of BahamutAnna Fiore of FaerieMira Neko of LeviathanCryefer Sylvrein of PhoenixVivian Darger of ShinryuNororo Grotto of Ifrit

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