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Minion: Morpho

The War of the Magi must have been a conflict of truly terrifying proportions. - E-Sumi-Yan

DescriptionWith blue wings practically glowing, this butterfly feels almost like a spirit. Almost.
LoreThe wings of this butterfly were highly sought-after during the War of the Magi, as their scales could be used to make poison that inhibited the restoration of magical energy. As a result, they were hunted to near extinction, and now very few remain.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.2: The Gears of Change


23,193 minion hunters have this minion. That's 7.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Rhoe Jakkya of OdinY'rin Tia of BeliasMist Cole of AlexanderImori Akahara of CarbuncleTirilkan Dyrvung of JenovaIwasawa Rei of BehemothLady Panda of AdamantoiseKomu Yasui of OdinLucia Yggdrasill of PhoenixMana Flores of ShinryuDeirdre Ivalice of SargatanasLove Doll of BalmungMire'ya Suzette of TonberryArgo Tantalus of RagnarokEllesara Vaeras of SirenTobaiun Grimmwood of OdinSarla Yasra of IfritPerfect Love of LeviathanDark Rift of FamfritFang Joker of PandaemoniumFelix Sieqfried of BalmungJuice Icyhell of FamfritMidnight Origin of OdinFany Valentine of ValeforNolway Sparking of IxionIjaa Aden of PhoenixAkira Uchiha of BalmungSuijin Amphitrite of TonberryTempus Vernum of ExcaliburChrys Topher of ExcaliburKaladin Stormblessed of HyperionSerph Embryon of SirenEli Colson of TonberryRauven Renfure of ExodusHiroe Defire of BalmungNavii Airisu of RamuhLady Darkness of BalmungMika Yoon of YojimboAstrix Rajaram of ShinryuKikyo Higurashi of BrynhildrSahra Starlight of OdinNudada Aka'li of CactuarBal'ama Exbalanque of ExodusJulius Pepperwood of MidgardsormrLuxollid Vagrant of CerberusIzut Mizut of AtomosVianne Literreaux of CoeurlMimi Figaro of RamuhLuna Sonius of CactuarSera Yuuki of Tonberry

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