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Minion: Morpho

The War of the Magi must have been a conflict of truly terrifying proportions. - E-Sumi-Yan

DescriptionWith blue wings practically glowing, this butterfly feels almost like a spirit. Almost.
LoreThe wings of this butterfly were highly sought-after during the War of the Magi, as their scales could be used to make poison that inhibited the restoration of magical energy. As a result, they were hunted to near extinction, and now very few remain.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.2: The Gears of Change


23,193 minion hunters have this minion. That's 7.6% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Evol Vixon of GilgameshSakari Suahni of CactuarY'sebe Tia of BalmungMoon Crow of ExodusMulla Grencia of AegisDagger Crescent of ExodusKizna Trigo of DiabolosMaki Yato of CerberusJosef Ka of UltrosMrcs Yaegr of RagnarokThe Reverend of CerberusLoivissa Bloodsworn of ExodusVevette Valentina of MidgardsormrGreen Tee of CerberusAnastacia Astora of BahamutAlucard Bloodlust of SirenEve Xiao'long of BalmungKyo Ro of BahamutCerebral Assassin of ShivaRudi Delacroix of SargatanasMaliyah Highborne of LeviathanX'api Tia of BrynhildrCaiius Ballad of OdinLevy Yuuki of BehemothJade Xagarii of FaerieSkilly Wig of OdinArc Invictus of OdinEric Cire of ZodiarkIkaihcim Akoarihs of IxionNyobari Kinomoto of BehemothAngelia Avallone of BahamutKhayli Maxwell of TonberryRozalin Milk of DiabolosUlarian Darkmoon of ExcaliburLaucion Me'leamne of SirenRucy Rania of GungnirIvandman Wolfenstein of SargatanasHaineko Unare of BehemothMelvis Braus of JenovaEtoile Lynx of CarbuncleEverett Yost of JenovaMaron Cha of UnicornFairy Eve of BahamutKi Lala of DiabolosAnne Suzunari of AsuraStack Cavallo of HyperionYusura Inadumi of BahamutNadalia Crescent of OdinBarbatos Wolf of MalboroLila Teatree of Carbuncle

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