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Minion: Noko

Noko noko!

DescriptionSummon your Noko minion. This Yo-kai is one lucky snake!
LoreNoko is always scared of being seen by humans. Which happens a lot, since it's terrible at hiding.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


51,028 minion hunters have this minion. That's 16.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Ein Helel of CactuarMullak Akhabila of JenovaUltrabob Bobtastic of SargatanasMana Girudo of AlexanderBabygirl Phoenixfyre of BehemothS'lee P'ycat of ZeromusTyrnia Edil of OdinAryanna Lunaris of PhoenixQ'uinn Tia of HyperionZoey Nightengale of LeviathanDuck Duck of FamfritNyrrukette Eronaile of LamiaShuren Muren of SargatanasLilli Gant of BalmungRamy Magna of GungnirRei Aoi of DiabolosHomura Jaeger of MandragoraSolfia Luna of MandragoraShining Doragonia of AtomosVirile Bearpaws of LeviathanNaome Asami of CerberusKiri Ell of AlexanderElectravia Hattori of ZaleraSoleania Lothan'i of ZodiarkTsuki Kawa of TonberryYuki Noir of LamiaSairah Mihgo of ExcaliburNatzuki Kobari of ShivaHamu Hamu of TyphonRivin Milos of UltrosRomeo Liberalm of DurandalAdelheid Goreblade of HyperionAngelic Beats of GilgameshKushi Kha of CerberusR'aqi Winters of BalmungSergei Dragunov of RamuhSage Shepard of UltrosDevon Wesker of CoeurlMatsuura Jaganshi of BalmungDaitetu K'rhot of ChocoboThomas Arzi of GilgameshSora Lionheart of MoogleFar Thend of AtomosOrrick Ravensbane of FaerieWreckord Keeper of BehemothNevie Avenea of ShivaKakyo Narukami of MoogleKhrynia Elysion of LamiaAurore Deleastre of FaerieTitus Allfather of Gilgamesh

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