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Minion: Page 63

No dusty tome doth capture in ink what these terrible beings are now become. - Urianger

DescriptionA detailed recapitulation of the preceeding sixty-two pages is not necessary to fully enjoy the content of the sixty-third.
LoreThough unable to read the arcane script penned in blood across this forbidden tome discovered in the Great Gubal Library, you sense much power in the words. Or it could simply be the fact that the book follows you.
How to ObtainDungeons & Trials: Found in Final Boss Coffer in Heavensward dungeon The Great Gubal Library.
Patch Released:3.0: Heavensward


44,753 minion hunters have this minion. That's 14.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Yorrick Whitestorm of MasamuneShen Mirai of KujataYolovar Swaggins of MidgardsormrAmanda Blow of SargatanasDelemir Shadowfiend of DiabolosAruktai Goro of BehemothChoco Wine of LeviathanAlexis Quinn of ExcaliburBumper Karl of ExodusSheena Kuroba of PhoenixKatia Rainey of UnicornJojoshen Ninishen of BalmungSaria Ironheart of SirenWorthless Protoplasm of MidgardsormrValence Tantras of FaerieOdin Starkiller of LeviathanNasaqa Moks of ExodusThaygun Tarcus of PhoenixLady Sabo of PhoenixPeesuke Apple of AnimaBrutal Asset of ExodusCalico Rosenfield of BalmungBananarama Joe of FaerieShizohoko Ittetsu of BalmungSerph Allegro of FaerieSievan Kyis of GilgameshMeekos Law of ExodusTileira Fals of TiamatLilija Avido of DurandalAlumara Nara of BalmungMirh Thavis of RagnarokMurk Status of ExcaliburGalzus Thor of FenrirUcro Crou of TiamatSakihaya Shade of IfritAjax Telamon of UltrosQuey Tesh of ShivaFharian Bismarck of GilgameshNoyu Live of AnimaThamissa Lunaria of LeviathanAngel Highborne of MalboroJoan Clegane of ExodusKairi Relanah of LeviathanMiu Cheshire of ChocoboTanya Degurechaff of BehemothFramus Delcone of MoogleDag Daft of TiamatSeph Young of BehemothMono Munichlake of UnicornHikari Miyuki of Balmung

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