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Minion: Panda Cub

Beings held as gods also exist in what you call the Far East. - Yugiri

DescriptionUntrained in arts both martial and magical, but as scrumptiously adorable as chicken glazed in a tangy orange reduction.
LoreSo popular are pandas in the Far East, that there are tales of the creatures being promoted to powerful positions within local governmental agencies. This particular mechanical reproduction is thought to have been brought to Eorzea by a Doman wise man.
How to ObtainPurchased: Can be purchased on the Mog Station.
Patch Released:3.26: The Gears of Change (3.26)


9,095 minion hunters have this minion. That's 3% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Brandon Sharp of GilgameshKenshin Zero of ExcaliburSeba Chan of IfritDon Geilo of CerberusRhesh Zidania of GilgameshMariecoco Girasole of MandragoraPumky Nitika of DiabolosCamille Claudel of MasamuneMorwyn Elsey of BalmungMakhpi'a Luta of ExcaliburSaya Song of MoogleAsch Midorino of BahamutAishi Tsume of CoeurlLady Amarith of LeviathanShade Shadows of LichGuigo Dragoon of BehemothArria Rill of AlexanderU'tsumi Tia of ShinryuSkyze Darkwill of JenovaStar Crunch of GilgameshNemo Diventis of FaerieShakira Jantal of OdinPalulu Fairyglitter of YojimboAravae Relles of ExcaliburMint Camomile of ChocoboCcccombo Breaker of SargatanasHakuya Akatsuki of RamuhGee Que of BalmungPooks Meerigoni of AdamantoiseLen Tsani of ExcaliburSeasalt Chocolate of BehemothKitty Talon of UltrosPandora Heartilly of BehemothLena Burgess of FaerieChu Goshi of ShinryuJosh Trigiani of BrynhildrMuga Orunitia of SargatanasHyper Phantom of CerberusKatelille Silverdust of MoogleKrym Anuhart of BehemothKhemi Sindelar of BalmungHalcyon Io of CerberusClarisse Fynnrose of CactuarSentak Ita of AegisYuki Atsumi of MoogleYasho Mayo of HyperionLilium Synt of BalmungNami Murasaki of JenovaAdynn Jemn of BehemothMitsuha Kastle of Cerberus

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