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Minion: Plush Cushion

Bumbling one spends all day sleeping on paperstack pillow, yes? - Olmxio

DescriptionEver ready to shield your buttocks from the hardest of places.
LorePreferring to take a more hands-on approach with his latest project, Redolent Rose of the Weavers' Guild personally researched the resilience and contour of over four score buttocks in order to create a cushion so light and fluffy, even the clouds would darken with envy.
How to ObtainCrafting: Crafted by a Weaver with: Glazenut, Jute Yarn, Undyed Cotton Cloth, Cotton Boll, 99 Lightning Shards
Patch Released:2.2: Through the Maelstrom


33,000 minion hunters have this minion. That's 10.8% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Hao Hao of BalmungSilverjuin Axeman of MidgardsormrDamien Ramirez of ShinryuFe'licia Bakeneko of UltrosDelta Blue of GilgameshHareko Bumo of AnimaCharlotte Deschamps of MidgardsormrDark Stars of BalmungMilky Milkbowl of CerberusRune Walsh of BehemothRobin Ravenclaw of UnicornSachi Grey of LamiaHimi Tanuki of UnicornInsidious Shedevill of ExodusRendy Kijima of ValeforRakisu Chantclaw of GilgameshL'noire Lastation of CactuarGorien Lockser of SargatanasIki Iki of ShivaIsaac Ven of HyperionSelden Dayir of BalmungBright Rain of IfritTaja Intaz of ShivaYuu Nie of ZodiarkChero Lalafell of PandaemoniumDo Die of ChocoboSa Na of UltimaEric Derrick of ShivaYumi Tachikake of SargatanasTokette Lanster of DiabolosAlice Fuyuzora of PhoenixBig Love of ExcaliburNunono Nuno of MidgardsormrReticxia Vignette of BehemothArche Enma of BalmungSixty Six of GoblinEchu Kat of BalmungMai Chan of MasamuneSinclaire Noirtier of HyperionJessie Pinkmann of CerberusRay Molkot of TitanStorm Queen of BehemothBalthazzar Kirby of ExcaliburRose Smith of BalmungAngelsky Silverdragon of TitanDs Sk of GungnirLumina Lockhart of BahamutRaisa Lhuil of MateusSheena Kat'h of MoogleMaru Too of Tonberry

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