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Minion: Poro Roggo

Indeed, there is no end to the tasks that want for doing, ribbit. - Toro Roggo

DescriptionEnchanted familiar though it may be, kissing it will do nothing to alter its corporeal form.
LoreA product of Matoya's mind-altering magicks, this particular familiar served the mistress for almost fifty summers before becoming struck with a sense of wanderlust following several fetch quests into the wild. Matoya allowed it to accompany you on your journey.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.2: The Gears of Change


114,806 minion hunters have this minion. That's 37.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Luca Solis of BalmungKaede Wolf of GarudaVeigar Thehard of BalmungMuhan Nam of MoogleKrayzie One of UltrosSunwardmist Legit of GilgameshSaikus Gawain of UnicornKirito Wolf of KujataT'rdaisuke Yayoi of CactuarElvis Presley of BrynhildrShin Nivalis of BahamutValeria Aldynn of LichEdward Lee of SargatanasVotre Amour of CactuarMia Me of RagnarokSparkle Motion of UltrosLirrya Na of MoogleElessar E'lendil of AdamantoiseAiqcuties Featherdust of TiamatTae Tae of BalmungBriareos Hecatonchire of LeviathanEzran Drex of RagnarokKoizumi D'pimphandia of GilgameshJoey Handbills of GilgameshFunnel Cake of LamiaBray Ze of OdinIce House of ExodusMr Bu of CerberusClaire Hart of ShivaOne'ok' Rock of RidillNo Vus of GilgameshNinji Masaki of BehemothKurt Steel of BalmungNavuh Sola of ExcaliburVanessa Whiteoak of FaerieIleen Dover of BalmungJenna Belle of ExodusAinee Somnus of ExcaliburMorgana Pendragon of RagnarokOmega Akagi of YojimboXai Muffinthief of BrynhildrSytheria Celestine of CerberusAdanted Inferno of ExcaliburMantis Toboggan of HyperionSola Cc of ChocoboFenris Fenrir of ExcaliburWhispering Volcano of BalmungL'cry Ars of ChocoboActual Girl of FaerieRimu Nemu of Adamantoise

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