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Minion: Poro Roggo

Indeed, there is no end to the tasks that want for doing, ribbit. - Toro Roggo

DescriptionEnchanted familiar though it may be, kissing it will do nothing to alter its corporeal form.
LoreA product of Matoya's mind-altering magicks, this particular familiar served the mistress for almost fifty summers before becoming struck with a sense of wanderlust following several fetch quests into the wild. Matoya allowed it to accompany you on your journey.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.2: The Gears of Change


114,806 minion hunters have this minion. That's 37.7% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Undeadlyone Vivi of ExcaliburE'ros Deathsbane of FaerieEnji Straight of MasamuneVander Ganoni of JenovaRyu Tamashi of ZaleraOsiris Tonitrus of AdamantoiseWanpide Xi of GoblinBin Kenwey of ValeforUna'sae Dakwhil of BalmungGray Edge of TonberryShiina Mashiro of SirenLafey Morgenbluete of RagnarokKurgan Hung of BrynhildrLaica Solalis of GarudaSerph Kido of MidgardsormrMomo Yaki of RagnarokRed One of MasamuneKasa Haran of ExcaliburUmbers Arbeau of ExcaliburToken Monugs of CactuarDemo Thanatos of ExodusNorah Fenfire of PhoenixTsui Fanel of ShivaJoshua Bright of MasamuneLilulu Lilu of ChocoboKitka Alisoff of ExcaliburZetta Leonhart of GilgameshRona Fawcett of RamuhNelliel Turquesa of UltrosRaydan Oroq of CerberusGerard Way of PandaemoniumLouis Roederer of AegisCiaphas Shepard of LamiaThor Ragnarok of BahamutAurora Razorclaw of CoeurlDresden Lyrical of BehemothKeogh Noctis of OdinMaegryffe Bardorba of ZaleraPrincess Cupcakes of GilgameshByregot Tempered of IfritCylla Nightsong of BalmungLaelyah Aletheia of RagnarokChiyo Aki of BalmungKazitu Adaman of RamuhForza Azuri of FamfritJessie Hearts of FenrirYaki Mikan of PandaemoniumUser Zero of JenovaWindrose Fyre of ExcaliburSyn Valdyn of Balmung

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