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Minion: Princely Hatchling

I had a feeling you'd be riding up on your golden chocobo. - Path Companion

DescriptionThe chocobo who would be king.
LoreA thoroughbred descended from the legendary Veillantif, this noble bird of Ishgard seeks a rider who will not sully his family's name.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Receive 50 player commendations.
Special Notes:Speak to Jonathas at Apkallu Falls in Old Gridania to receive reward.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


139,564 minion hunters have this minion. That's 45.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Vanthanoris Jotunheim of BalmungLiliruca Bestgirl of BehemothAriadne Zephale of MidgardsormrErield Rika of BalmungMoy Rock of GarudaKazas Arkon of BalmungAron Valkynes of BehemothAcesul Fame of GarudaAtomisk King of GoblinGreyash Wraith of CactuarL'aoh Tia of FaerieClochette Seven of RamuhCaptain Duck of FenrirFool Duer of ShinryuAngela Ziegler of LamiaSir Tre of FamfritStrelitzia Matsure of ShinryuYuu Smoozy of BahamutNeldain Meyer of LeviathanSayren Xena of JenovaAra La'bestia of CerberusVaucian A'ren of PhoenixThirst Cannon of LeviathanYoruichi Shihon of FaerieMuller Zn of GarudaRagnok Dronebolt of LamiaGarrin Sol of BalmungAuldinne Juicie of GilgameshErrogan Solaria of SargatanasChibi Tess of OdinReiuji Utsuho of BrynhildrPenny Cupcakes of GilgameshX'zangho Mitnu of DiabolosAriah Igarashi of JenovaAurora Solcatcher of LamiaCalabar Vieira of BehemothRaw Unexist of CerberusDeamonfox Watt of DiabolosVulgaris Magistralis of SirenSly Due of AdamantoiseMarshmallow Moni of ShinryuPokhi Entielpoh of BrynhildrArktiese Foxholme of CoeurlOnyx Nightly of GoblinChaotic Fury of LeviathanSetaria Viridis of ShinryuLudwig Baselt of CarbuncleOrganic Hermit of FamfritErtyaze Zaerty of RagnarokFierce Minnow of Lamia

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