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Minion: Princely Hatchling

I had a feeling you'd be riding up on your golden chocobo. - Path Companion

DescriptionThe chocobo who would be king.
LoreA thoroughbred descended from the legendary Veillantif, this noble bird of Ishgard seeks a rider who will not sully his family's name.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Receive 50 player commendations.
Special Notes:Speak to Jonathas at Apkallu Falls in Old Gridania to receive reward.
Patch Released:2.1: A Realm Awoken


139,564 minion hunters have this minion. That's 45.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Sky Fire of ChocoboHayel Claudel of TiamatColin Chulainn of CactuarFenyx Regen of MoogleBloody Blackstar of MandragoraBranchard Stires of MidgardsormrPyronxer Syrilth of BehemothShar Edelweiss of AdamantoiseSonia Otonashi of BahamutMilka Pantsu of TiamatArkxelem Regius of BehemothKeicha Olive of BalmungNova Shadow of FamfritOlivier Dunamis of OdinAleph Alpha of TonberryZacrt Ghloorter of LamiaGloiumed Cooke of PhoenixShira Kitsune of MoogleBeatrix Steiner of OdinKiumi Taqa of HyperionZanera Fyrezi of LamiaMokoto Bloodborne of GoblinLogan Whisker of GilgameshVenoxia Balcori of LeviathanAisha Rosenkranz of AnimaPocota Poco of ZeromusTakabow Shirokuma of ChocoboDarru Arkenstone of BrynhildrKarin Rich of CerberusHello Sweetie of LeviathanRivver Song of BehemothMily Dop of BahamutParanormal Goddess of FaerieKirino Kosaka of CerberusAnime Anime of FaerieEureka Asakura of GoblinQueens Gambit of TonberryShiri Fol'thanos of LichJaedin Moonstryke of GilgameshPug King of TonberryReyn Wilde of ExcaliburNodachi Tsubaki of MasamuneHaruki Aoyuki of BalmungHiina Hanamura of BalmungLena Oxton of ExcaliburRinlala Rinla of CarbuncleRoxas Keyheart of ExcaliburAbel Kaestner of CoeurlSaikai Mog of CactuarTamari Bronzeleaf of Mateus

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