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Minion: Robonyan F-type

Activating Sleep Mode...

DescriptionSummon your Robonyan F-type minion. It's an upgraded robot that thinks it's a cat.
LoreAn upgraded model of Robonyan, he removed all of his unnecessary functions to become the perfect robot cat.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


51,346 minion hunters have this minion. That's 16.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Maelide Lanren of RagnarokCian Azreus of BehemothS'akra Evy of MandragoraSix Feetunder of BehemothDemacus Nightshade of ExcaliburKairi Kawaii of JenovaEsmeralda Lion of GilgameshAncient Civil of ShinryuSabl Eye of HyperionFleetway Periphery of ExcaliburMyoki Katsu of AdamantoiseMikoshi Kamino of AtomosDracoth Bahnakson of GoblinRyner Lute of CarbuncleRenomus Alm of BalmungLucius Adalricus of CerberusSilvia Sol of MasamuneRozarita Chisunerosu of IfritKichijouji Momiji of AegisCellar Oppa of GilgameshKai Arielis of ExodusLilaea Syvara of ExcaliburL'lysandria Alanaris of LamiaPandora's Box of FaerieAshton Verric of AdamantoiseRikk Who of GoblinGogo Gekkogahara of LeviathanLily Blossom of BalmungB' Beru of AnimaEternius Loriel of PhoenixFreyja Vanadis of OdinWhite Cherry of ExcaliburSremmus Weiss of TonberryCheska Rabntah of ExodusLerond Bunansa of CerberusYunalesca Strife of GilgameshAsmodai Kurrat of ExcaliburWarit Jutamachat of MasamuneMikeko Neko of BahamutMiq Noche of ShinryuKlog'd Potty of MidgardsormrAlmighty Wiggles of CerberusSakutsuki Yoi of BahamutSyann Karyu of MoogleJam Pan of MandragoraKuseo Sakusaku of IxionJosh Frosty of LeviathanLolo Ornitier of PhoenixCorey Taylor of UltimaTomo Sang of Bahamut

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