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Minion: Robonyan F-type

Activating Sleep Mode...

DescriptionSummon your Robonyan F-type minion. It's an upgraded robot that thinks it's a cat.
LoreAn upgraded model of Robonyan, he removed all of his unnecessary functions to become the perfect robot cat.
How to ObtainUnknown:
Patch Released:3.35: Revenge of the Horde (3.35)


51,346 minion hunters have this minion. That's 16.9% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Douko Libra of BahamutBerry Mint of AegisAmbi Tanque of LichAiru Semi of UltimaAthrun Coeur of BalmungDuneyrr Solwind of CoeurlMargaret Lanterman of SirenDarkan Io of MoogleBoijan Mashy of TiamatRyuichi Kisaragi of SargatanasOtya Otomoni of BahamutKilaya Makira of RagnarokAddison Odin of BrynhildrChoco Monaca of ChocoboZillas Ghost of BrynhildrKuen San of BahamutLin Dalamiq of ZaleraFey Fey of GoblinSydney Lenor of LeviathanFleshette Gray of ExcaliburLenory Fortune of AsuraAlexa Valamore of ExcaliburSeiji Kyoshiro of LamiaSerafall Index of ExodusShado Karyuudo of CactuarZelena Lunette of AdamantoiseAlubird Wilsum of AlexanderEvidyl Lionet of DiabolosChinatsu Daiki of RagnarokUpal Strife of TonberryMatuchiyo Todo of HadesOmnius Ancient of OdinZelala Zela of MidgardsormrToku Bap of LeviathanFelix Fidelis of FaerieKaren Milcat of FenrirSank Mutabilis of RidillSkye Nekomata of UltrosUltra Violet of BehemothAkashi O'shiro of OdinMor Meer of MandragoraBlack Dahlia of RagnarokLucella Artois of FamfritAxel Trial of IfritEamane Culmano of HyperionEiyora Eithelwen of HadesNyoro Nyoro of IfritKaede Kisaragi of ZeromusPakunoda Kumo of KujataAtchh Solo of Cactuar

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