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Minion: Set of Primogs

Off with their heads! - Good King Moggle Mog XII

DescriptionThe only mechanical musicians this side of Black Tea Brook...making them the greatest mechanical musicians this side of Black Tea Brook.
LoreOne night, an aspiring moogle bard had a dream?a dream to become the greatest musician in all the realm. But to do it he would need a band of merry moogles to accompany him. The bard had no friends, so instead he decided to create his own band from stolen mammet parts.
How to ObtainPromotions: Obtained from Promotional Code included with the "Before the Fall" Blu-ray soundtrack. (Set to release August 26, 2015)
Patch Released:3.05: Heavensward (3.05)


10,664 minion hunters have this minion. That's 3.5% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Kyara Moonbane of ShivaOlivia Oblige of RagnarokKoh'ya Wolndara of TonberryKakyo Narukami of MoogleGnawty Knights of TonberryLynx Mynx of MandragoraEnion Swiftsong of LeviathanPoporu Savarin of GungnirBikke Bakke of DurandalSemi Colon of AegisJowy Blight of RagnarokDanny Lee of CarbuncleMizuki Aquamarine of TitanFoskita Pavita of RagnarokAngel Stormhawk of CerberusMina Beka of RagnarokLanfear Felix of AtomosRaven Crow of FenrirAngelia Avallone of BahamutSuno Berenjena of ShinryuSeddhir Ul'dine of ZaleraA'l Zezel of TitanLysithea Emit of GarudaPopolo Tanner of ChocoboCataleya Steinkind of ShivaZekut Valen of RamuhSecond Unico of CarbuncleBoxy Kajwara of RidillEnias Liosan of MidgardsormrPapaya Paya of RagnarokLeo Farren of BalmungObsidian Lamhirh of IfritSaru Soule of GilgameshRaviel Aequitas of CerberusAnjiro Yoichi of BahamutIsuke Ejinn of BalmungNina Vainberg of BahamutMitsuru Lk of BahamutHyphen Minus of TitanEco Leonhart of BahamutClyde' Barrow of BahamutPierrot Tyukasa of BahamutBrangien Mkll of UltimaMercurius Legends of BeliasElyenora Blackthorne of SirenMikasa Blue of ShivaPrinecica Yugiri of MasamuneGrimwald Flamewalker of BehemothNanaha Alonax of Bahamut

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