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Minion: Shalloweye

They're perfect for scrubbing the soot from this statue. - Thierremont

DescriptionPlease refrain from staring.
LoreWhile most scholars of the void place deepeyes on the twelfth and final rung of voidsent hierarchy, it has been documented that the stronger the creature the deepeye possesses upon plane crossover, the more power the specimen may exert while within our realm.
How to ObtainAchievement Rewards: Obtained as reward for completing the "The Load of Verminion II" achievement by winning 50 Lord of Verminion player battle (RP) matches.
Patch Released:3.1: As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness


734 minion hunters have this minion. That's 0.2% of hunters.

50 Random Owners

Matka Phiphi of IfritRyo Sats of UnicornHaruki Nyan of GilgameshGosei Red of GilgameshCelestite Cordier of MoogleSelicia Cyr of BalmungPolly Anna of BahamutMay Pon of AsuraZeillas Alheure of TonberryLiev Seekir of BalmungKylie Jenner of ExcaliburZexion Volts of FamfritYuri Eberwein of MandragoraMomo Neko of ChocoboCeres Neige of ShinryuMakoto Maxwell of RagnarokChocola Mimi of MandragoraRagnar Remoh of BalmungKurohi Longheim of RagnarokKuroyuki Dalamiq of AdamantoiseKoroe Hikari of PhoenixRiina Ver of PhoenixNatalma Bred of MasamuneRana Mehlota of ExcaliburKenmei Aquila of SargatanasHukurou Tokishige of GungnirAria Meloetta of LamiaKokoto Koto of AdamantoiseImai Blackren of DiabolosDarien Chiba of BrynhildrMr Hero of BehemothVeston Azureon of FamfritCalypso Leroux of BehemothBelle Tree of BahamutStormbriga Kitsu of RagnarokRobin Velanor of JenovaFleur De-la-cour of LichSelen Chartreux of MandragoraCaina Gokai of BehemothEstellise Flower of BalmungToma Akahito of ZodiarkRen Ashbell of BalmungNoelle Kreuz of MandragoraTaka Taru of MasamuneKyllier Bancroft of DiabolosAgoni Faith of MoogleSaint Angeles of MidgardsormrRena Rhen of LeviathanAlexiel Angel of Masamune

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